2014 Florida State Little League® Tournament Results
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Florida State Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Florida State Tournament
Host - San Carlos (Fort Myers) (District 18)
At Three Oaks Community Park

Three Oaks Community Park is located at 18251 Three Oaks Parkway in Fort Myers.

Pool 'A' Participants
Section 2 Champions Southwestern Port St. Lucie (District 17)
Section 4 Champions South Brandon (District 13)
Section 5 Champions Winter Garden (District 14)
Section 6 Champions Sarasota National (District 16)

Pool 'B' Participants
Section 1 Champions Niceville Valparaiso (District 1)
Section 3 Champions Baker County (MacClenny) (District 11)
Section 7 Champions Bayshore (Tampa) (District 6)
Section 8 Champions North Springs (Coral Springs) (District 10)

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Tournament Results:

Pool 'A' Tournament

Round 1 (Friday, July 25):
South Brandon 7, Winter Garden 3
Southwestern Port St. Lucie 12, Sarasota National 1 (4 innings)

Round 2 (Saturday, July 26):
South Brandon 11, Sarasota National 1 (5 innings)
Winter Garden 6, Southwestern Port St. Lucie 2

Round 3 (Saturday, July 26):
Winter Garden 13, Sarasota National 1
Southwestern Port St. Lucie 3, South Brandon 1

Pool 'B' Tournament

Round 1 (Friday, July 25):
Bayshore 2, North Springs 0
Baker County 11, Niceville Valparaiso 3

Round 2 (Saturday, July 26):
Bayshore 10, Niceville Valparaiso 0 (5 innings)
North Springs 12, Baker County 0

Round 3 (Saturday, July 26):
North Springs 20, Niceville Valparaiso 0 (4 innings)
Bayshore 11, Baker County 1 (5 innings)

Pool 'A' Standings



South Brandon 2 1 7
Winter Garden 2 1 10
Southwestern Port St. Lucie 2 1 8
Sarasota National 0 3 36

Pool 'B' Standings



Bayshore 3 0 1
North Springs 2 1 2
Baker County 1 2 26
Niceville Valparaiso 0 3 41

The two pool winners advance to the championship game.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. If a clear winner cannot be determined from head-to-head results, the tie is broken by calculating the ratio of runs allowed to defensive innings played for all teams involved in the tie. The team with the lowest runs-per-defensive-inning ratio advances.

In the event of a tie involving three or more teams, once the initial tie is broken, the remaining tied teams are again compared on head-to-head record to determine if a clear winner can be identified. If no clear winner can be identified from head-to-head results among the remaining tied teams, the runs-per-defensive-inning ratio is again used. This process is repeated until all ties have been broken.

Championship Game (Sunday, July 27)

South Brandon 9, Bayshore 1 (TITLE)


The scoreboard says that South Brandon Little League cruised to the Florida state championship, breaking to a 7-0 lead after just two innings of a 9-1 victory over Bayshore Little League.

But South Brandon's window of opportunity was much narrower than that score would suggest. A seemingly meaningless run -- a single tally in the top of the sixth inning of a 3-1 pool defeat against Southwestern Port St. Lucie Little League -- was the difference between South Brandon pushing forward to the state championship game and being edged out on a tiebreaker.

South Brandon finished with a 2-1 record in its pool in the state tournament at Three Oaks Community Park in Fort Myers, as did Southwestern Port St. Lucie and Winter Garden Little Leagues. And entering the sixth inning, both South Brandon and Southwestern Port St. Lucie had allowed just seven runs in what looked to be an identical sixteen defensive innings of play. With the teams knotted in a three-way tie and sporting identical runs per defensive inning ratios, had Southwestern Port St. Lucie maintained its 3-0 lead, it would win the pool and move into the state championship game based on its head-to-head win over South Brandon.

But Macallister Jorgensen tripled to right field on the first pitch of the sixth and final inning, and two pitches later, he scored on Dominick Martin's groundout. The seemingly innocent run -- Southwestern Port St. Lucie quickly closed out the game without further troubles -- was enough to lift South Brandon into the state championship game based on its razor-thin advantage on the RPDI tiebreaker.

Once there, South Brandon quickly asserted control, scoring three runs in the first inning and four more in the second to overwhelm Bayshore. Jorgensen led off the first inning with a single to center field, and when Martin reached on an error and Malachi Woodside legged out an infield hit, South Brandon had loaded the bases with nobody out. Marcos Herrand then lined a single to center field to score the game's first run, and Martin darted home on a passed ball. George Young's single scored Woodside, and when special pinch runner Dalton Marsh scored on another passed ball, South Brandon had a 4-0 lead.

South Brandon then continued to build its lead in the second. Jorgensen led off with an infield single, then Martin drilled a two-run homer beyond the center field fence. Three batters later, Adrian Malave belted a solo home run to right that pushed South Brandon's lead to 7-0.

Herrand earned the victory for South Brandon, striking out seven and surrendering just one run over 5-2/3 innings. Woodside sealed the win with a three-pitch strikeout.

"It really didn't sink in that we'd won states until we got back to South Brandon that night to take a picture with the banner to send to (Southeastern Region officials)," explained South Brandon manager Tony Saladino III. "Then you could see the kids looking around and saying, 'are we really going to Georgia?'"

South Brandon, which last reached the state tournament in the major baseball division in 2008, opened the state tournament with wins in its first two pool contests. The District 13 champions topped Winter Garden, 7-3, and then overwhelmed Sarasota National Little League, 11-1 in five innings. Gage Young homered against Winter Garden, and South Brandon scored five runs in the second inning to take control. Knowing that the state tournament potentially called for four games in three days time, South Brandon elected to throw five pitchers in the game, with only Herrera throwing beyond the 20-pitch mark that would require rest days.

The next day, Herrand and Malave hit back-to-back shots in the fourth inning, with Herrand's three-run blow preceding a solo shot by Malave. Myles Ceba also homered in the South Brandon win.

In the second game of a doubleheader day for all tournament qualifiers, Ceba surrendered only three hits over five innings against Southwestern Port St. Lucie, and while South Brandon managed just two hits of their own, Ceba's effort helped keep the game close, and ultimately kept South Brandon just on the right side of tiebreaker metrics.

"We have three number one (pitchers) and two number one catchers," noted Saladino, who referenced Ceba, Herrand, and Woodside as his top hurlers. "It all starts with the battery for us."

Pitching was also a focal point in the tournament's other pool, where Bayshore allowed just one run across three games while sweeping past its pool opponents. Bayshore's most noteworthy win was a 2-0 decision in the opening round against North Springs Little League. North Springs won both of its other pool games via no-hit shutouts, and its cohort of players had previously won state and Southeastern Region tournament of state champions titles in the 9-10 and 10-11 year old divisions in the two prior summers. But Bayshore edged the District 10 powerhouse, then claimed mercy rule wins over Niceville Valparaiso Little League (10-0 in five innings) and Baker County Little League (11-1 in five innings) to advance to the state championship game for the first time in the league's history.

South Brandon advanced to the Southeastern Region tournament following their state tournament win, and won two of three pool contests before falling to eventual region champion South Nashville (Tennessee) Little League in the semifinal round.

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  Championship Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 R H E
Bayshore 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6 2
South Brandon 4 3 0 2 0 x 9 10 3

2014 Florida District Champions and Sectional Tournament Results:

District Champions in Section 1 District Champions in Section 2
D1 - Niceville Valparaiso
D20 - Northwest Leon (Tallahassee)

Section 1 Tournament
Host - Shalimar (District 1)

Tournament Results:
1 - Niceville Valparaiso 17, Northwest Leon 0
2 - Niceville Valparaiso 17, Northwest Leon 0 (TITLE)

D2 - Eau Gallie (Melbourne)
D7 - Wellington Recreation
D17 - Southwestern Port St. Lucie

Section 2 Tournament
Host - East Boynton Beach (District 7)

Tournament Results:
1 - Southwestern Port St. Lucie 1, Wellington Recreation 0
2 - Wellington Recreation 5, Eau Gallie 0
3 - Southwestern Port St. Lucie 11, Eau Gallie 1



Southwestern Port St. Lucie 2 0
Wellington Recreation 1 1
Eau Gallie 0 2

Southwestern Port St. Lucie advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 3 District Champions in Section 4
D11 - Baker County (MacClenny)
D19 - Palm Coast
D22 - Port St. John

Section 3 Tournament
Host - St. Augustine (District 11)

Tournament Results:
1 - Palm Coast 4, Port St. John 1
2 - Baker County 7, Port St. John 6
3 - Baker County d. Palm Coast



Baker County 2 0
Palm Coast 1 1
Port St. John 0 2

Baker County advances to the state tournament.

D4 - North Lakeland
D13 - South Brandon
D25 - Land O'Lakes
D26 - Buffalo Creek (Palmetto)

Section 4 Tournament
Host - South Brandon (District 13)

Tournament Results:
1 - South Brandon 11, North Lakeland 4
2 - Buffalo Creek 8, Land O'Lakes 2
3 - Land O'Lakes 13, North Lakeland 12
4 - South Brandon 5, Buffalo Creek 0
5 - Buffalo Creek 4, North Lakeland 3
6 - South Brandon 14, Land O'Lakes 2



South Brandon 3 0
Buffalo Creek 2 1
Land O'Lakes 1 2
North Lakeland 0 3

South Brandon advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 5 District Champions in Section 6
D3 - Celebration
D14 - Winter Garden
D23 - Apopka
D24 - Union Park (Orlando)

Section 5 Tournament
Host - Dr. Phillips (Orlando) (District 14)

Tournament Results:
1 - Winter Garden 10, Celebration 6
2 - Union Park 9, Apopka 2
3 - Celebration 22, Apopka 0
4 - Winter Garden 19, Union Park 0
5 - Winter Garden 23, Apopka 1
6 - Celebration 10, Union Park 0



Winter Garden 3 0
Celebration 2 1
Union Park 1 2
Apopka 0 3

Winter Garden advances to the state tournament.

D9 - South Fort Myers
D16 - Sarasota National
D18 - LaBelle
D27 - Greater Naples

Section 6 Tournament
Host - San Carlos (Fort Myers) (District 18)
At Three Oaks Community Park

Tournament Results:
1 - Sarasota National d. LaBelle
2 - South Fort Myers 9, Greater Naples 7
3 - Sarasota National 6, Greater Naples 3
4 - South Fort Myers 26, LaBelle 1
5 - Greater Naples 8, LaBelle 2
6 - Sarasota National 9, South Fort Myers 7 (7 innings)



Sarasota National 3 0
South Fort Myers 2 1
Greater Naples 1 2
LaBelle 0 3

Sarasota National advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 7 District Champions in Section 8
D5 - Northeast (St. Petersburg)
D6 - Bayshore (Tampa)
D12 - West Pasco (New Port Richey)
D15 - Dunnellon

Section 7 Tournament
Host - Clearwater (District 12)
At Sid Likton Park

Tournament Results:
1 - Bayshore 11, Northeast 1 (4 innings)
2 - Dunnellon 3, West Pasco 2
3 - Bayshore 7, West Pasco 1
4 - Dunnellon 1, Northeast 0
5 - Northeast 7, West Pasco 2
6 - Bayshore 10, Dunnellon 0 (4 innings)



Bayshore 3 0
Dunnellon 2 1
Northeast 1 2
West Pasco 0 3

Bayshore advances to the state tournament.

D8 - Kendall (Miami)
D10 - North Springs (Coral Springs)
D21 - Plantation Athletic American

Section 8 Tournament
Host - Fort Lauderdale Federal (District 21)

Tournament Results:
1 - North Springs 12, Kendall 1
2 - Kendall 12, Plantation Athletic American 0
3 - Plantation Athletic American 8, North Springs 7



North Springs 1 1
Kendall 1 1
Plantation Athletic American 1 1

North Springs advances to the state tournament.

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