2010 Florida State Little League® Tournament Results
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Florida State Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Florida State Tournament
Host - Crystal River (District 15)
At Bicentennial Park

Pool 'A' Participants
Section 1 Champions R.L. Turner (Panama City) (District 1)
Section 3 Champions Navy Ortega Lakeshore (Jacksonville) (District 11)
Section 5 Champions Oviedo American (District 23)
Section 7 Champions Bayshore (Tampa) (District 6)

Pool 'B' Participants
Section 2 Champions Viera/Suntree (Melbourne) (District 2)
Section 4 Champions Land O'Lakes (District 25)
Section 6 Champions South Fort Myers (District 9)
Section 8 Champions Tamarac (District 10)

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Tournament Results:

Pool 'A' Tournament

Round 1 (Thursday, July 29):
R.L. Turner 4, Navy Ortega Lakeshore 3
Oviedo American 11, Bayshore 9

Round 2 (Friday, July 30):
Oviedo American 17, R.L. Turner 7 (4 innings)
Navy Ortega Lakeshore 8, Bayshore 1

Round 3 (Friday, July 30):
R.L. Turner 7, Bayshore 0
Oviedo American 9, Navy Ortega Lakeshore 8

Pool 'B' Tournament

Round 1 (Thursday, July 29):
Viera/Suntree 10, Land O'Lakes 6
Tamarac 7, South Fort Myers 6

Round 2 (Friday, July 30):
Viera/Suntree 12, South Fort Myers 1 (4 innings)
Tamarac 12, Land O'Lakes 2 (6 innings)

Round 3 (Friday, July 30):
Viera/Suntree 12, Tamarac 1 (4 innings)
Land O'Lakes 9, South Fort Myers 6

Pool 'A' Standings



Oviedo American 3 0 24
R.L. Turner 2 1 20
Navy Ortega Lakeshore 1 2 14
Bayshore 0 3 26

Pool 'B' Standings



Viera/Suntree 3 0 8
Tamarac 2 1 20
Land O'Lakes 1 2 28
South Fort Myers 0 3 28

The top two teams in each pool advance to the semifinal round.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. If a clear winner cannot be determined from head-to-head results, the tie is broken by calculating the ratio of runs allowed to defensive innings played for all teams involved in the tie. The team with the lowest runs-per-defensive-inning ratio advances.

In the event of a tie involving three or more teams, once the initial tie is broken, the remaining tied teams are again compared on head-to-head record to determine if a clear winner can be identified. If no clear winner can be identified from head-to-head results among the remaining tied teams, the runs-per-defensive-inning ratio is again used. This process is repeated until all ties have been broken.

Semifinal Round (Saturday, July 31)

Oviedo American 12, Tamarac 1
Viera/Suntree 7, R.L. Turner 3

Florida State Championship Game (Sunday, August 1)

Viera/Suntree 7, Oviedo American 6 (TITLE)


Viera/Suntree Little League struck for six runs in the first inning, then held off a late charge to edge Oviedo American, 7-6, in the Florida state championship game at Bicentennial Park in Crystal River.

With the win, Viera/Suntree completed a five-game sweep at the state tournament, and extended its record to 13-0 since the start of the international tournament. Viera/Suntree advanced to the Southeastern Region tournament in Warner Robins, Georgia, where the Florida champions finished as the region runner-up.

"We've never even advanced out of sectionals before," said Viera/Suntree manager Mark Muzzi. "To actually realize this is amazing."

Oviedo American had claimed an early 2-0 lead in the championship game before Viera/Suntree quickly took charge in the bottom of the first inning. Sebastian Samuels doubled to drive in Jackson Prater with the team's first run, and Bryson Wallace soon followed with a two-run single that plated Samuels and Chris McLoughlin. Michael Pineda delivered a run-scoring double, and eighth-place hitter Hayden Kingston capped the rally with a two-run homer that gave the Melbourne-based league a four-run lead.

Oviedo had opened the scoring on Carlos Cortes' two-run homer, but Pineda then registered three strikeouts to escape further damage. Pineda struck out twelve and allowed no other runs before switching positions in the fifth inning.

"Every day in practice, we talk about mental toughness," said Muzzi. "It's the mentally tough teams that can battle back from being behind."

Vincent Benvenuto extended the lead with a solo home run in the fourth, before Oviedo whittled down the lead in the fifth. Kyle Panagiotou scored on a wild pitch, and Cortes dashed home on Austin Thompson's sacrifice fly.

In the sixth, Sean Hupp's double scored Ivan Borbon and Trevor Barrows, and Hupp moved to third later on the play. But Samuels, the Viera/Suntree closer, fired three straight fastballs to register a game-ending strikeout and strand the tying run 60 feet from home plate.

While Viera/Suntree and Oviedo American were facing one another for the first time, many of the players in the championship game had competed against each other previously in travel team tournaments.

"They're an unbelievable team," said Muzzi of Oviedo American.

Viera/Suntree reached the championship game with a 7-3 win over Panama City's R.L. Turner Little League. Samuels sparked his team with his fifth home run in four state tournament games, a three-run homer in the first, and Pineda later added a two-run homer and a run-scoring single.

Kingston, the Viera/Suntree starting pitcher, surrendered just three hits over 5-2/3 innings and carried a shutout into the sixth before J.T. Duncan's sacrifice fly and Tanner Harden's two-run homer narrowed the final margin.

"Our pitching has been good all year," said Muzzi after the game. "We've really got some good pitchers and some kids who know how to compete out there on the mound.

"We've really been playing well," he added. "And we're excited to be in the championship game."

Viera/Suntree's pitching was backed by a high-octane offense that reached double-digits in each of its pool games at the state tournament. The District 2 champions opened the tournament with a 10-6 victory over Land O' Lakes Little League, then swept past South Fort Myers and Tamarac Little Leagues by identical 12-1, four-inning margins on the tourney's second day.

Samuels paced the offense against Land O' Lakes with a pair of home runs among his three hits, while Benvenuto added a homer and single and Ian Swan chipped in a pair of hits. Samuels added two more home runs and six RBIs against South Fort Myers, while Anthony Castagnaro and Swan added home runs. Later in the day, Jimmy Cawley hit two of Viera/Suntree's five home runs in the win over Tamarac. Samuels, Castagnaro, and Pineda also cleared the fences in the win.

Oviedo American flexed its own muscles while working its way to the championship game. The team reached the state tournament with three consecutive shutouts in the Section 5 tournament, then swept its three pool opponents in Crystal River.

In the semifinal round, Oviedo slammed four home runs, including a walk-off three-run shot by Cortes, in a 12-1 victory over Tamarac. Austin Thompson, Luis Curbello, and Joey Schultz added home runs, while Thompson struck out eight and scattered four hits over five innings to earn the victory.

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  Championship Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 R H E
Oviedo American 2 0 0 0 2 2 6 - -
Viera/Suntree 6 0 0 1 0 x 7 10 -

2010 Florida District Champions and Sectional Tournament Results:

District Champions in Section 1 District Champions in Section 2
D1 - R.L. Turner (Panama City)
D20 - Northwest Leon (Tallahassee)

Section 1 Tournament
Host - R.L. Turner (Panama City) (District 1)

Tournament Results:
1 - R.L. Turner 20, Northwest Leon 1
2 - R.L. Turner 11, Northwest Leon 1 (TITLE)

D2 - Viera/Suntree (Melbourne)
D7 - North Palm Beach
D17 - Martin County North (Stuart/Palm City)

Section 2 Tournament
Host - Martin County North (Stuart/Palm City) (District 17)
At Sailfish Park

The Section 2 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Results:
1 - Viera/Suntree 2, North Palm Beach 0
2 - Martin County North 8, North Palm Beach 5
3 - Viera/Suntree 7, Martin County North 5



Viera/Suntree 2 0
Martin County North 1 1
North Palm Beach 0 2

Viera/Suntree advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 3 District Champions in Section 4
D11 - Navy Ortega Lakeshore (Jacksonville)
D19 - DeBary
D22 - Rockledge

Section 3 Tournament
Host - Rockledge (District 22)
At McClarty Park

The Section 3 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Results:
1 - Rockledge d. DeBary
2 - Navy Ortega Lakeshore 14, DeBary 6
3 - Navy Ortega Lakeshore 3, Rockledge 1



Navy Ortega Lakeshore 2 0
Rockledge 1 1
DeBary 0 2

Navy Ortega Lakeshore advances to the state tournament.

D4 - Plant City
D13 - East Bay American
D25 - Land O'Lakes
D26 - Manatee East (Bradenton)

Section 4 Tournament
Host - Bloomingdale (District 13)

Tournament Results:
The Section 4 tournament used a round-robin format.

Tournament Schedule/Results:
1 - Plant City 4, Land O'Lakes 3
2 - Manatee East 8, East Bay American 2
3 - Plant City 9, East Bay American 4
4 - Land O'Lakes 10, Manatee East 5
5 - Manatee East 19, Plant City 16
6 - Land O'Lakes 7, East Bay American 3



Land O'Lakes 2 1
Manatee East 2 1
Plant City 2 1
East Bay American 0 3

Land O'Lakes advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 5 District Champions in Section 6
D3 - Celebration
D14 - Winter Garden
D23 - Oviedo American
D24 - East Orange

Section 5 Tournament
Host - Union Park (Orlando) (District 24)

Tournament Schedule/Results:
The Section 5 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Schedule/Results:
1 - Winter Garden 5, Celebration 1
2 - Oviedo American 12, East Orange 0
3 - East Orange 7, Celebration 6
4 - Oviedo American 10, Winter Garden 0
5 - Oviedo American 6, Celebration 0
6 - Winter Garden versus East Orange (7/25)



Oviedo American 3 0
Winter Garden 1 1
East Orange 1 1
Celebration 0 3

Oviedo American advances to the state tournament.

D9 - South Fort Myers
D16 - Sarasota West
D18 - Bonita Springs
D27 - Greater Naples

Section 6 Tournament
Host - Lehigh Acres (District 18)
At Lehigh Acres Community Park

Tournament Schedule/Results:
The Section 6 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Schedule/Results:
1 - Sarasota West 10, Bonita Springs 1
2 - South Fort Myers 17, Greater Naples 2
3 - South Fort Myers 7, Sarasota West 6
4 - Greater Naples 12, Bonita Springs 9
5 - Greater Naples 6, Sarasota West 1
6 - South Fort Myers 5, Bonita Springs 2



South Fort Myers 3 0
Greater Naples 2 1
Sarasota West 1 2
Bonita Springs 0 3

South Fort Myers advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 7 District Champions in Section 8
D5 - Seminole
D6 - Bayshore (Tampa)
D12 - Palm Harbor
D15 - Central Citrus (Beverly Hills)

Section 7 Tournament
Host - Seminole (District 5)

Tournament Schedule/Results:
The Section 7 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Results:
1 - Central Citrus 6, Palm Harbor 5
2 - Bayshore 8, Seminole 2
3 - Bayshore 4, Central Citrus 1
4 - Palm Harbor 12, Seminole 2
5 - Seminole 7, Central Citrus 2
6 - Bayshore 6, Palm Harbor 5



Bayshore 3 0
Palm Harbor 1 2
Seminole 1 2
Central Citrus 1 2

Bayshore advances to the state tournament.

D8 - Kendall (Miami)
D10 - Tamarac
D21 - Plantation American

Section 8 Tournament
Host - Florida District 21
At Floyd Hull Stadium (Fort Lauderdale)

Tournament Schedule/Results:
The Section 8 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Results:
1 - Plantation American 15, Kendall 5 (4 innings)
2 - Tamarac 6, Kendall 0
3 - Tamarac 13, Plantation American 4



Tamarac 2 0
Plantation American 1 1
Kendall 0 2

Tamarac advances to the state tournament.

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