2021 Wyoming State Little League® Tournament Results
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Wyoming State Tournament
Little League Baseball Division (Ages 10-12)

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Wyoming State Tournament
Host - Gillette (District 2)
At Gillette Little League Complex

The Gillette Little League Complex is located adjacent to Dalbey Memorial Park in Gillette.

Participating Teams
District 1 Champions Rock Springs
District 1 Runner-Up Big Horn County (Lovell)
District 2 Champions Gillette
District 2 Runner-Up Douglas

Tournament Results:

Opening Round (Wednesday, July 27):
Douglas 7, Rock Springs 6
Gillette 11, Big Horn County 1 (5 innings)

Elimination Bracket Semifinal (four teams remain) (Thursday, July 28):
Rock Springs 8, Big Horn County 2 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Final (Thursday, July 28):
Gillette 12, Douglas 1 (5 innings)

Elimination Bracket Final (three teams remain) (Friday, July 29):
Rock Springs 11, Douglas 5 (elim.)

Championship Game (Saturday, July 30):
Gillette 10, Rock Springs 0 (4 innings; TITLE)

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2022 Wyoming District Tournament Results:

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District 1 | District 2

Wyoming District 1 Tournament
Host - Cody

Tournament Results:

Format: Two stage tournament, with teams playing two pool games against predetermined opponents to establish seeding positions for the district finals. All tournament entrants advance to the district finals, and the top two finishers advance to the state tournament.

Pool Competition Results:

(Participating Teams: Big Horn County, Bridger Valley, Cody, Green River, Kemmerer, Lander, Powell, Riverton, and Rock Springs)

Bridger Valley 5, Riverton 4
Lander 13, Cody 2
Rock Springs 7, Kemmerer 3
Big Horn County 21, Powell 1
Green River 13, Riverton 3
Big Horn County 9, Bridger Valley 5
Green River 12, Powell 1
Lander 17, Rock Springs 15
Kemmerer d. Cody

Tournament Standings


Green River 2 0
Big Horn County 2 0
Lander 2 0
Bridger Valley 1 1
Rock Springs 1 1
Kemmerer 1 1
Riverton 0 2
Cody 0 2
Powell 0 2

All tournament entrants advance to the district finals. Round robin results are used to seed teams into specific bracket positions for the district finals.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. If a clear winner cannot be determined from head-to-head results, the tie is broken by calculating the runs allowed ratio for all teams involved in the tie. Runs allowed ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of runs allowed in all games by six. (The runs allowed are divided by six irrespective of the actual number of defensive innings a team played.) The team with the lowest runs allowed ratio advances. If the tied teams are competing for multiple spots in the tournament's next phase, all ties are broken based on runs allowed ratio.

District 1 Finals

Opening Round (Friday, July 22):
Cody 13, Powell 1

Semifinal Round (Friday, July 22):
Rock Springs 7, Bridger Valley 3
Kemmerer 22, Lander 19
Big Horn County 8, Riverton 4
Green River 9, Cody 7

Semifinal Round (Saturday, July 23):
Rock Springs 3, Green River 2 (Rock Springs advances to state tournament)
Big Horn County 2, Kemmerer 1 (Big Horn County advances to state tournament)

Championship Game (Saturday, July 23):
Rock Springs 4, Big Horn County 1 (TITLE)

Rock Springs and Big Horn County advance to the Wyoming state tournament.

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Wyoming District 2 Tournament
Host - Gillette

Tournament Schedule/Results:

Opening Round:
Douglas 20, Rawlins 5
Torrington 13, Platte County 3
Laramie 7, Gillette 1

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Douglas 13, Casper 3
Torrington 7, Laramie 3

Elimination Bracket - Round 1 (seven teams remain):
Gillette 15, Platte County 0 (3 innings; elim.)

Elimination Bracket Quarterfinals (six teams remain):
Laramie 16, Rawlins 0 (elim.)
Gillette 11, Casper 0 (4 innings; elim.)

Consolation Game - Round 1:
Platte County 7, Rawlins 3

Elimination Bracket Semifinal (four teams remain):
Gillette 18, Laramie 3 (5 innings; elim.)

Winner's Bracket Final:
Douglas 4, Torrington 0

Consolation Game - Round 2:
Casper 10, Platte County 9

Elimination Bracket Final (three teams remain):
Gillette 8, Torrington 1 (elim.)

Championship Series:
Gillette 13, Douglas 3 (4 innings)
Gillette 12, Douglas 2 (4 innings; TITLE)

Gillette and Douglas advance to the Wyoming state tournament.

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