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Wisconsin State Tournament
Host Locations; 1957-present

NOTE: Between 1965 and 1982, Wisconsin typically did not hold a state tournament. Instead, Wisconsin district champions competed in sectional tournaments with district champions from Minnesota and Michigan's Upper Peninsula to determine the section's representative in divisional tournament competition. For this timespan, the host identified on this page is the host of the sectional tournament.

Minnesota leagues competed in the sectional between 1968 and 1981, while the Upper Peninsula district champion competed in the sectional from 1965 through 1974. 1973 marked the only year during this timespan in which a Wisconsin-only state tournament was held.

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Year Location
2019Glendale (District 1)
2018Eau Claire National (District 3)
2017West Bend (District 1)
2016West Bend (District 1)
2015Kenosha (District 6)
2014Wausau (District 5)
2013Waupun (District 4)
2012Eau Claire National (District 3)
2011Lakeland (Salem) (District 6)
2010West Bend (District 1)
2009Lakeland (Salem) (District 6)
2008Wausau (District 5)
2007West Madison (District 4)
2006Ashland (District 3)
2005Appleton (District 2)
2004James Beckum / Chuck Stapleton (Milwaukee) (District 1)
2003Burlington Frank Roth / Burlington Ginger Beaumont (District 6)
2002Wausau (District 5)
2001Reedsburg (District 4)
2000Eau Claire (District 3)
1999Appleton (District 2)
1998West Bend (District 1)
1997South Milwaukee (District 6)
1996Reedsburg (District 4)
1995Eau Claire (District 3)
1994Antigo (District 5)
1993Oak Creek (District 6)
1992Wausau (District 5)
1991Milwaukee Northwest (District 1)
1990South Milwaukee (District 6)
1989South Milwaukee (District 6)
1988South Milwaukee (District 6)
1987Wausau (District 5)
1986Milwaukee Northwest (District 1)
1985Hayward (District 3)
1984Sturgeon Bay (District 2)
1983South Milwaukee (District 6)
1982South Milwaukee (District 6)
1981Mound, Minnesota (Minnesota District 1)
1980Chippewa Falls (District 3)
1979South Milwaukee (District 1)
1978Roche-A-Cri (Adams) (District 5)
1977Merrill (District 5)
1976St. Louis Park, Minnesota (Minnesota District 1)
1975Germantown (District 1)
1974Merrill (District 3)
1973Wausau (District 3)
1972Menasha (District 2)
1971Wausau (District 3)
1970Chippewa Falls (District 3)
1969Green Bay (District 2)
1968Wisconsin Rapids (District 3)
1967Pulaski (District 3) (see below)
1966Janesville (District 4)
1965Allouez (District 2)
1964Wausau (District 3)
1963Chippewa Falls (District 3)
1962Wausau (District 3)
1961Wisconsin Rapids (District 3)
1960Wausau (District 3)
1959Wausau (District 3)
1958Wausau (District 1)
1957Wausau (District 1)

The 1967 Wisconsin state tournament was originally scheduled to be held at Gear Field in Milwaukee but was moved to other locations due to rioting in Milwaukee. One semifinal round game was played in Wausau, while the other semifinal and the championship game were played in Pulaski.

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