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Region Tournament Championship Game Results

Western Region Tournament (1957-Present)

The Western Region encompassed thirteen states from 1957 through 2000. In 2001, seven states were split off to compete in the new Northwest Region as part of Little League Baseball's expansion of the World Series to sixteen qualifiers. In 2002, New Mexico was moved to the newly-formed Southwestern Region.

Six state and divisional champions from the five remaining Western Region states currently compete for the West Region championship, including representatives from Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Northern California, Southern California, and Utah.

Year Result
2021Honolulu (Hawaii) 7, Torrance (Southern California) 2
2020International tournament not held due to Covid-19 pandemic
2019Central East Maui (Wailuku, Hawaii) 4, Sunnyside (Tucson, Arizona) 1
2018Honolulu (Hawaii) 11, Tri-City (Rocklin, Northern California) 2
2017Santa Margarita National (Rancho Santa Margarita, Southern California) 11, Dixie (St. George, Utah) 7
2016Park View (Chula Vista, Southern California) 1, Mountain Ridge (Las Vegas, Nevada) 0
2015Sweetwater Valley (Bonita, Southern California) 12, Waipio (Waipahu, Hawaii) 10
2014Mountain Ridge (Las Vegas, Nevada) 11, Pacifica (Northern California) 2
2013Eastlake (Chula Vista, Southern California) 9, Belmont-Redwood Shores (Northern California) 0
2012Petaluma National (Northern California) 6, Nanakuli (Waianae, Hawaii) 5
2011Ocean View (Huntington Beach, Southern California) 2, Red Bluff (Northern California) 1
2010Waipio (Waipahu, Hawaii) 4, Ocean View (Huntington Beach, Southern California) 1
2009Park View (Chula Vista, Southern California) 11, Lakeside (Granite Bay/Loomis, Northern California) 4
2008Waipio (Waipahu, Hawaii) 4, Paseo Verde (Las Vegas, Nevada) 3
2007Chandler National (Arizona) 7, Solana Beach (Southern California) 3
2006Ahwatukee American (Phoenix, Arizona) 11, River Park (Fresno, Northern California) 3
2005Rancho Buena Vista (Vista, Southern California) 7, Tracy National (Northern California) 2
2004Conejo Valley East (Thousand Oaks, Southern California) 8, Green Valley (Henderson, Nevada) 5
2003Chandler National (Arizona) 2, Vineyard (Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California) 0
2002Aptos (Northern California) 4, Arrowhead (Glendale, Arizona) 3
2001Oceanside American (Southern California) 12, Green Valley (Henderson, Nevada) 8
2000Hazel Dell (Washington) 3, Ocean View (Huntington Beach, Southern California) 2
1999South Central Boise (Idaho) 3, Airport (Sacramento, Northern California) 1
1998Cypress Federal (Southern California) 3, Woodinville West (Washington) 1 (7 innings)
1997South Mission Viejo (Southern California) 2, Sunnyvale National (Northern California) 1
1996Moorpark (Southern California) 2, Pearl City (Hawaii) 1
1995Yorba Hills (Yorba Linda, Southern California) 5, Petaluma Valley (Northern California) 3
1994Northridge City (Southern California) 17, Nanakuli-Maili (Waianae, Hawaii) 7
1993Long Beach (Southern California) 5, San Ramon Valley (Danville, Northern California) 2
1992Long Beach (Southern California) 11, San Ramon Valley (Danville, Northern California) 3
1991San Ramon Valley (Danville, Northern California) 3, East Maui (Kahulia, Hawaii) 0
1990Cypress Federal (Southern California) 3, East Boise (Idaho) 2
1989Eastview (San Pedro, Southern California) 3, Pearl City (Hawaii) 2
1988Pearl City (Hawaii) 10, East Boise (Idaho) 1
1987Northwood (Irvine, Southern California) 15, San Benito County (Hollister, Northern California) 0
1986Tucson International (Arizona) 5, Marysville (Washington) 2
1985Mexicali, Mexico (Southern California) 2, Danville (Northern California) 0
1984Los Gatos (Northern California) 1, Sunnyside (Tucson, Arizona) 0
1983Pacific (Sacramento, Northern California) 8, Green Valley (Henderson, Nevada) 3
1982Kirkland National (Washington) 3, South Bay (Chula Vista, Southern California) 1
1981Escondido National (Southern California) 5, Kennewick (Washington) 4 (7 innings)
1980Kirkland National (Washington) 2, Sunshine (San Diego, California) 0
1979Campbell (Northern California) 11, Goleta Valley South (Southern California) 3
1978San Ramon Valley (Danville, Northern California) 6, Kailua National (Hawaii) 0
1977El Cajon Western (Southern California) 5, Raleigh Hills (Beaverton, Oregon) 4 (7 innings)
1976Campbell (Northern California) 6, Pearl City (Hawaii) 2
1975Northridge American (Northern California) 6, Kailua (Hawaii) 1
1974Red Bluff (Northern California) 5, San-Ri (San Bernardino/Rialto, Southern California) 4
1973Cactus (Tucson, Arizona) 1, Concord National (California) 0
1972Pearl City (Hawaii) 13, Portland Northeast (Oregon) 4 (7 innings)
1971Wahiawa (Hawaii) 4, Cupertino American (Northern California) 3
1970Campbell (Northern California) 4, Kaneohe (Hawaii) 3 (8 innings)
1969Briarwood (Santa Clara, Northern California) 4, Cajon de Oro (El Cajon, Southern California) 3
1968Bolsa (Garden Grove, Southern California) 4, Santa Clara Westside (Northern California) 3 (7 innings)
1967Northridge City (Southern California) 5, Ravenswood (East Palo Alto, Northern California) 1
1966Airport (Sacramento, Northern California) 9, Eastside Optimist (Roswell, New Mexico) 4
1965South Mountain-East Side (Phoenix, Arizona) 3, South Suburban (Klamath Falls, Oregon) 1
1964La Puente National (Southern California) 4, Trail (British Columbia) 3
1963Granada Hills National (Southern California) 2, Sahuaro (Tucson, Arizona) 0
1962Campbell-Moreland (Northern California) 3, Kailua National (Hawaii) 1
1961El Cajon Northern (Southern California) 5, Concord National (Northern California) 1
1960East Lakewood (Southern California) 10, South Boulder (Colorado) 4
1959Auburn (Northern California) 11, Alcoa (Vancouver, Washington) 3
1958Rose City (Portland, Oregon) 2, Town and Country (Sacramento, California) 0
1957La Mesa Northern (California) 18, Euphrata (Washington) 0

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