1984 Texas State Little League® Tournament Results

Texas State Tournament

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Texas State Tournament
Host - Texas State LL Headquarters; Waco
At Marvin Norcross Stadium

Participating Teams:
District 2 Champions
District 3 Champions
District 6 Champions
District 7 Champions
District 9 Champions
District 12 Champions
District 14 Champions
District 15 Champions
District 17 Champions
District 21 Champions
District 24 Champions
District Champions
District Champions
District Champions
District Champions
District Champions
Lubbock Southwest
Midland North Central
Sheppard Air Force Base
Fort Worth University
Waco Southern
Port Arthur Southern Optimist
Houston NASA Area West
Houston Sagemont-Beverly Hills
Pasadena Pan American
Eagle Pass National
North Brownsville
Crockett Merchants
Plainview American
San Antonio Northwest

Tournament Results:

Opening Round:
Sinton 8, San Antonio Northwest 1
Lubbock Southwest 11, Pasadena Pan American 1
Midland North Central 17, Eagle Pass National 3
Fort Worth University 2, Rockdale 1
Houston Sagemont-Beverly Hills 10, Crockett Merchants 1
Port Arthur Southern Optimists 7, Shepard Air Force Base 5
Waco Southern 7, Plainview American 6
North Brownsville 8, Houston NASA Area West 4

Sinton d. Lubbock Southwest
Fort Worth University d. Midland North Central
Port Arthur Southern Optimists d. Houston Sagemont-Beverly Hills
Waco Southern 6, North Brownsville 5

Sinton 10, Fort Worth University 1
Port Arthur Southern Optimists 8, Waco Southern 0

Championship Game:
Port Arthur Southern Optimists 7, Sinton 3 (TITLE)

Consolation result:
Fort Worth University 13, Waco Southern 5


More details on this tournament will be posted soon.

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