1993 Little League® Baseball South Region Tournament Historical Results

South Region Tournament

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South Region Tournament
Host - St. Petersburg, Florida
At Al Lang Memorial Stadium

Participating Teams
Alabama State Champions
Arkansas State Champions
Florida State Champions
Georgia State Champions
Kentucky State Champions
Louisiana State Champions
Mississippi State Champions
North Carolina State Champions
South Carolina State Champions
Tennessee State Champions
Texas State Champions
Virginia State Champions
West Virginia State Champions
Delray Beach
Bowling Green
Oak Ridge
Talladega LL
Optimist LL
National LL
Sandy Plains LL
Warren Cty Southern LL
Bogalusa LL
D'Iberville LL
Matthews LL
Easley LL
American LL
Tuckahoe American LL
Barboursville LL

Tournament Results:

Winner's Bracket - Round 1:
Barboursville (WV) 8, Easley (SC) 7
Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 13, Matthews (NC) 3
Marietta Sandy Plains (GA) 9, Talladega (AL) 3
Delray Beach National (FL) 8, Bryant Optimist (AR) 4
Cookeville American (TN) 6, D'Iberville (MS) 2

Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals:
Barboursville (WV) 10, Bowling Green Warren County Southern (KY) 5
Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 7, Bogalusa (LA) 1
Marietta Sandy Plains (GA) 9, Delray Beach National (FL) 7
ORWALL (TX) 5, Cookeville American (TN) 1

Loser's Bracket - Round 1 (13 teams remain):
Talladega (AL) 13, Bryant Optimist (AR) 3 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 2 (12 teams remain):
Bowling Green Warren County Southern (KY) 7, Talladega (AL) 5 (elim.)
Bogalusa (LA) 3, D'Iberville (MS) 2 (elim.)
Delray Beach National (FL) 4, Easley (SC) 1 (elim.)
Matthews (NC) 7, Cookeville American (TN) 1 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 3 (8 teams remain):
Bowling Green Warren County Southern (KY) 7, Bogalusa (LA) 0 (elim.)
Matthews (NC) 3, Delray Beach National (FL) 1 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 4, Barboursville (WV) 2
Marietta Sandy Plains (GA) 8, ORWALL (TX) 1

Loser's Bracket - Round 4 (6 teams remain):
ORWALL (TX) 4, Bowling Green Warren County Southern (KY) 3 (elim.)
Barboursville (WV) 3, Matthews (NC) 2 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket Semifinals (4 teams remain):
Oak Ridge-Woodlands Area (TX) 16, Barboursville (WV) 3 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
Marietta Sandy Plains (GA) 6, Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 4

Loser's Bracket Finals (3 teams remain):
Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 5, ORWALL (TX) 2 (elim.)

Championship Series:
Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 7, Marietta Sandy Plains (GA) 3
Richmond Tuckahoe American (VA) 6, Marietta Sandy Plains (GA) 1 (TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted soon.

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