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Southern California Divisional Tournament
Host Locations; 1957-present

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Year Location
2019North Mission Viejo (District 68)
2018Aliso Viejo (District 55)
2017Long Beach (District 38)
2016Escondido National (District 31)
2015Ontario Western (District 23)
2014Fletcher Hills (El Cajon) (District 41)
2013Long Beach (District 38)
2012Aliso Viejo (District 55)
2011West Covina American (District 19)
2010Tijeras Creek (Rancho Santa Margarita) (District 68)
2009Encino (District 40)
2008Murrieta National (District 28)
2007La Mirada (District 29)
2006West Garden Grove (District 46) and Stanton (Anaheim) (District 46)
2005Corona National (District 24)
2004Long Beach (District 38) and Plaza (Long Beach) (District 38)
2003Newmark (San Bernardino) (District 43)
2002La Puente National (District 60)
2001Manhattan Beach (District 36)
2000La Mirada (District 29)
1999Yucaipa (District 58)
1998Fountain Valley (District 62)
1997La Puente National (District 60)
1996La Mirada (District 29)
1995Mission Viejo (District 55)
1994Rialto Western (District 21)
1993Clairemont (District 32)
1992West Garden Grove (District 46)
1991La Mirada (District 29)
1990Long Beach (District 38)
1989Culver City (District 25)
1988Fountain Valley (District 62)
1987Yorba Linda (District 56)
1986Long Beach (District 38)
1985Highlander (Hacienda Heights) (District 60)
1984Escondido (District 31)
1983North Hollywood (District 14)
1982Robinwood (Huntington Beach) (District 62)
1981Mission Viejo (District 55)
1980Montclair (District 23)
1979Clairemont Mesa (District 32)
1978West Fullerton (District 56)
1977Temple City (District 18)
1976Santa Ana Northeast (District 30)
1975Buena Vista American
1974San Clemente (District 55)
1973(*)Santa Clara (District 44)
1972(*)San Bernardino (Western Region Headquarters) (District 43)
1971Manhattan Beach (District 36)
1970Manhattan Beach (District 36)
1969Ocean Beach (San Diego)
1968Lompoc (District 50)
1967Montclair (District 23)
1966Granada Hills (District 40)
1965El Monte (District 18)
1964Cabrillo (San Diego)
1963West Covina (District 19)
1962Santa Monica (District 25)
1961El Cajon Western (District 41)
1960Roseville (District 5)
1959Redondo Beach
1958(*)Santa Ana Northeast (District 30)
1957(*)Santa Monica

(*) - California held a single state tournament insead of two divisional tournaments in 1957, 1958, 1972, and 1973.

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