Southern California Champions in the 1960s

Southern California brought home two World Series championships in the early 1960s. El Cajon Northern and Granada Hills National won titles in 1961 and 1963, respectively. Coupled with the World Series title won by Northern California's Campbell-Moreland LL in 1962, these victories helped cement California as a LL powerhouse in the 1960s.

Four other leagues also won the West Region Tournament in the 1960s: East Lakewood (1960), La Puente National (1964), Northridge City (1967), and Garden Grove Bolsa (1968).

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Southern California Champions of the 1960s

1969 - Cajon de Oro (El Cajon)
1968 - Bolsa (Garden Grove)
1967 - Northridge City
1966 - Ocean View (Huntington Beach)
1965 - Covina American
1964 - La Puente National
1963 - Granada Hills National
1962 - Rolling Hills
1961 - El Cajon Northern
1960 - East Lakewood

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