1979 Southern California Little League® Tournament Results

Southern California Divisional Tournament

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Southern California Divisional Tournament
Host - Clairemont Mesa

Participating Teams:
Section 1 Champions
Section 2 Champions
Section 3 Champions
Section 4 Champions
Section 5 Champions
Section 6 Champions
Section 7 Champions
Section 8 Champions
Goleta Valley South (District 63)
Toluca Lake (District 14)
Inglewood Ladera (District 37)
Buena Park National (District 29)
Whittier Leffinwell (District 56)
Diamond Bar (District 20)
Corona American (District 24)
Mexicali, Mexico (District 22)

Tournament Results:

Goleta Valley South 1, Whittier Leffinwell 0
Diamond Bar 3, Toluca Lake 0
Mexicali (Mexico) 1, Inglewood Ladera 0
Buena Park National 3, Corona American 0

Goleta Valley South 4, Diamond Bar 1
Mexicali (Mexico) 7, Buena Park National 0

Championship Game:
Goleta Valley South 1, Mexicali (Mexico) 0 (TITLE)


More details about this tournament will be posted soon.

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Toward the past

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