1972 Southern California Little League® Tournament Results

California State Tournament

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NOTE: California held a single state tournament in 1972, instead of separate divisional tournaments for Northern and Southern California.

California State Tournament
Host - San Bernardino
At Western Region Headquarters

Participating Teams:
Section 1/2 Champions
Section 3 Champions
Section 4/5 Champions
Section 6 Champions
Section 7/8 Champions
Section 9 Champions
Section 10/11 Champions
Section 12 Champions
South Ukiah (District 35)
Fremont Mission San Jose (District 57)
Fillmore (District 13)
San Fernando San Val (District 14)
San Bernardino Civic (District 43)
Manhattan Beach (District 36)
West Anaheim National (District 46)
San Diego National (District 33)

NOTE: There were twelve section tournaments in California in 1972. The champions of Sections 3, 6, 9, and 12 advanced directly to the state tournament, while the other eight sectional champions faced off in one-game playoffs to determine the other four state tournament qualifiers.

Tournament Results:

San Bernardino Civic 1, Manhattan Beach 0
San Diego National 4, West Anaheim National 3
Mission San Jose 5, South Ukiah 0
San Fernando San Val 9, Fillmore 3

San Bernardino Civic 2, San Diego National 0
San Fernando San Val 2, Fremont Mission San Jose 1

Championship Game:
San Bernardino Civic 3, San Fernando San Val 1 (TITLE)

Consolation result:
Fremont Mission San Jose 4, San Diego National 3 (8 innings)


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