1953 Little League® Region 6 Tournament Results
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Region 6 Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Region 6 Tournament
Host - Fort Wayne (Indiana)

Participating Teams
Section 1 Champions Parma (Ohio)
Section 2 Champions Bay City (Michigan)
Section 3 Co-Champions Kenosha (Wisconsin)
Section 3 Co-Champions Rivals Park (Joliet, Illinois)
Section 4 Champions Columbus (Nebraska)

NOTE: Kenosha and Rivals Park were named co-champions of Section 3 following a rules interpretation issue in the sectional championship game. In that game, the two teams were tied 3-3 after seven innings at Roseland Little League's field in Chicago. The field did not have lights, and tournament officials announced that one more inning would be played, afer which the game would be suspended due to darkness if no winner had been decided. However, Joliet rallied in the top of the eighth, scoring three times and continuing to bat while extending the game to the point where officials determined conditions were too dark to continue play. Little League official rules at the time stated that the game should be resumed at the end of the last completed inning, effectively wiping out Joliet’s rally. The next day, before play could resume, Little League Baseball international headquarters officials, who were split on the issue of when the game should resume, announced that the two teams would be named co-champions and would both compete in the region tournament.

Quarterfinal Round:
Rivals Park (Illinois) 4, Kenosha (Wisconsin) 1

Semifinal Round:
Rivals Park (Illinois) 4, Bay City (Michigan) 1
Columbus (Nebraska) 6, Parma (Ohio) 5

Championship Game:
Rivals Park (Illinois) 5, Columbus (Nebraska) 0 (TITLE)

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