1955 Little League® Region 5 Tournament Results
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Region 5 Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Region 5 Tournament
Host - Rome (Georgia)
At Buck Ransom Field; Riverview Park

Participating Teams
Alabama State Champions Auburn
Florida State Champions North Miami
Georgia State Champions Macon
Kentucky State Champions Paducah
Mississippi State Champions Jackson
North Carolina State Champions Gastonia
South Carolina State Champions Cannon Street YMCA (Charleston)
Tennessee State Champions Jackson

NOTE: South Carolina state champion Cannon Street YMCA (Charleston) was not allowed to compete in the region tournament because they won the state championship by default. The remaining 55 South Carolina leagues were comprised exclusively of white players, and withdrew from the international tournament rather than compete against the all-black Cannon Street team. These leagues instead withdrew from the international tournament and competed in a “Little Boys League” tournament sponsored by the South Carolina Recreation Society. Little League Baseball ruled that Cannon Street could not compete in upper-level tournament games because they did not win their title on the field. Little League officials later invited the Cannon Street team to attend the Little League World Series and stay with other players in the dormitories at Lycoming College, but did not allow them to compete in tournament games.

Many leagues in the South chose not renew their charters with Little League Baseball the following year, and instead affiliated with Little Boys Baseball, which maintained segregation policies. Little Boys Baseball was later rebranded as Dixie Youth Baseball following a trademark infringement lawsuit by Little League Baseball over the new organization's name.

Quarterfinal Round:
Gastonia (North Carolina) 4, North Miami (Florida) 2
Paducah (Kentucky) 7, Jackson (Mississippi) 5
Macon (Georgia) 1, Jackson (Tennessee) 0

Semifinal Round:
Auburn (Alabama) 3, Gastonia (North Carolina) 0
Macon (Georgia) 10, Paducah (Kentucky) 1

Championship Game:
Auburn (Alabama) 2, Macon (Georgia) 1 (TITLE)

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