1953 Little League® Region 5 Tournament Results
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Region 5 Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Region 5 Tournament
Host - Greenville (North Carolina)

Participating Teams
Alabama State Champions Birmingham Southside
Georgia State Champions Rome National
Kentucky State Champions Lexington
North Carolina State Champions Concord
South Carolina State Champions North Charleston
Tennessee State Champions Nashville
North Florida Sectional Champions Dade City
South Florida Sectional Champions Maderia Beach

Quarterfinal Round:
Maderia Beach ( South Florida) 7, North Charleston (South Carolina) 4
Rome National (Georgia) 6, Lexington (Kentucky) 1
Dade City (North Florida) 2, Nashville (Tennessee) 0
Birmingham Southside (Alabama) 2, Concord (North Carolina) 1

Semifinal Round:
Maderia Beach (Florida) 11, Rome National (Georgia) 2
Birmingham Southside (Alabama) 4, Dade City (Florida) 1

Consolation Game:
Dade City (Florida) 2, Rome National (Georgia) 1

Championship Game:
Birmingham Southside (Alabama) 2, Maderia Beach (Florida) 1 (TITLE)

Toward the past

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