Ontario Provincial Champions in the 1970s

Brockville collected three Ontario titles in the early 1970s, and reached the World Series following its 1971 provincial title. After Brockville dominated District 2 in the early 1970s, Ottawa's Pinecrest Little League began a streak of ten District 2 titles in a thirteen-year span by winning the district title in 1975.

Three Windsor leagues won Ontario titles in the 1970s, with the 1972 South Canadian Little League squad also winning the Canadian championship. Port Arthur Continental won the Canadian championship in 1975, but did not compete in the World Series due to a one-year ban on International teams.

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Provincial Champions of the 1970s

1979 - Fort William National LL (Thunder Bay)
1978 - Parkdale Lions LL (Toronto)
1977 - Windsor North I.O.O.G. LL (International Order of Goats)
1976 - Parkdale Lions LL (Toronto)
1975 - Port Arthur Continental LL (Thunder Bay)
1974 - Brockville Legion LL
1973 - Brockville Legion LL
1972 - South Canadian LL (Windsor)
1971 - Brockville Legion LL
1970 - Windsor West LL

NOTE: The Parkdale Lions Little League in Toronto was renamed High Park Little League in 1985.

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