2000 Ontario Provincial Little League® Tournament Results

Ontario Provincial Tournament

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Ontario Provincial Tournament
Host - Timmins LaRonde (District 4)

Participating Teams:
District 1 Champions Toronto High Park
District 2 Champions Pembroke
District 3 Champions Westfort International (Thunder Bay)
District 6 Champions Prescott-Russell
District 7 Champions Brockville Legion
District 6 Champions Timmins LaRonde

NOTE: The Ontario Provincial Tournament used a round-robin format in 2000. After preliminary round competition, the top two teams advance to the championship game. In the event of a tie, no tiebreaking formula is used; instead, knock-out game(s) are played to determine the two finalists.

District 5 did not send a representative to the tournament because of its role as the host of the 2000 Canadian Region Tournament.

Tournament Results:

Round 1:
Timmins LaRonde 1, Pembroke 0
Toronto High Park 11, Brockville Legion 0
Westfort International 7, Prescott-Russell 2

Round 2:
Toronto High Park 10, Westfort International 3
Prescott-Russell 12, Pembroke 2
Timmins Laronde 13, Brockville Legion 0

Round 3:
Brockville Legion 3, Westfort International 2
Toronto High Park 10, Pembroke 0
Timmins LaRonde 7, Prescott-Russell 2

Round 4:
Toronto High Park versus Prescott-Russell (postponed - rain)
Brockville Legion versus Pembroke (postponed - rain)
Timmins LaRonde versus Westfort International (postponed - rain)

Round 5:
Brockville Legion 4, Prescott-Russell 3
Westfort International d. Pembroke
Toronto High Park 8, Timmins LaRonde 3

Round 4 (Make-Up Games):
Toronto High Park 13, Prescott-Russell 2
Brockville Legion 3, Pembroke 1
Timmins LaRonde d. Westfort International

Final Round-Robin Standings


Toronto High Park 5 0
Timmins LaRonde 4 1
Brockville Legion 3 2
Westfort International 2 3
Prescott-Russell 1 4
Pembroke 0 5

Ontario Provincial Championship Game

Toronto High Park 2, Timmins LaRonde 0 (TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted soon.

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