Montana State Tournament Qualifiers

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Tournament champions are listed in bold.

Year District 1 District 2
2019 Heights National (Billings) Mount Jumbo (Missoula)
2018 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2017 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2016 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2015 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2014 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2013 Billings Big Sky Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2012 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Butte Northwest
2011 Billings Big Sky Beaverhead (Dillon)
2010 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Butte Northwest
2009 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mile High (Butte)
2008 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Westside (Great Falls)
2007 Heights National (Billings) Missoula Southside
2006 Burlington (Billings) Missoula Southside
2005 Heights National (Billings) Great Falls American
2004 Billings Big Sky Missoula Southside
2003 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Great Falls American
2002 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
2001 Billings Big Sky Great Falls American
2000 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Butte Northwest
1999 Heights National (Billings) Missoula Southside
1998 Billings Big Sky Missoula Southside
1997 Heights National Blue (Billings) Missoula Southside
1996 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1995 Bozeman American Missoula Southside
1994 Heights National (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1993 Laurel Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1992 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1991 Boulder Arrowhead (Billings) Riverside (Great Falls)
1990 Bozeman Mount Jumbo (Missoula)
1989 Heights National (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1988 Heights National (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1987 Heights National (Billings) Riverside (Great Falls)
1986 Rose Park (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1985 Heights American (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1984 Bozeman Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1983 Bozeman Riverside (Great Falls)
1982 Heights American (Billings) Libby
1981 Central Heights (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1980 Rimrock (Billings) Mile High (Butte)
1979 Rimrock (Billings) Upper Southside (Great Falls)
1978 Glasgow Upper Southside (Great Falls)
1977 Glasgow Great Falls Northside
1976 Boulder (Billings) Libby
1975 Boulder (Billings) Upper Southside (Great Falls)
1974 Glasgow Great Falls Northside
1973 Western Giants (Billings) Missoula Westside
1972 Lissa (Billings) Mile High (Butte)
1971 Glasgow Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1970 Rose Park (Billings) Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
1969 Boulder (Billings) Riverside (Great Falls)
1968 Bozeman National Northside Electric (Great Falls)
1967 Mile High (Butte) Libby
1966 Burlington (Billings) Upper Southside (Great Falls)
1965 Burlington (Billings) Riverside (Great Falls)
1964 Burlington (Billings) Lower Southside (Great Falls)
1963 Poly Drive (Billings) Upper Southside (Great Falls)
1962 Bozeman Cut Bank
1961 Poly Drive (Billings) Malmstrom Air Force Base (Great Falls)
1960 Malmstrom Air Force Base (Great Falls)
1959 Lissa (Billings)
1958 Mustang Juniors (Billings)
1957 Rimrock (Billings)

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