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Maryland State Champions in the 1990s
Major Baseball Division

Leagues from six different districts won Maryland state championships in the 1990s, including eight leagues that won their first titles. Capitol City Little League became the first District of Columbia league to win the Maryland title since District leagues began competing as part of the Maryland tournament structure in the 1970s. D.C. leagues were split into a separate tournament later in the decade.

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State Champions of the 1990s

1999 - Denton
1998 - Hughesville
1997 - St. Mary's American (Hollywood/California)
1996 - Capitol City (Washington, D.C.)
1995 - Brunswick Railroaders
1994 - Oakland
1993 - Elkton Community
1992 - Waldorf American
1991 - Tri-City (Hurlock)
1990 - Hagerstown American

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