Iowa State Champions in the 1990s

Marshalltown National waited 27 years after winning the 1968 Iowa state championship before claiming another title in 1995. With several key players returning for the 1996 International Tournament, Marshalltown raised the bar, became the state's second-ever back-to-back winner, and reached the Little League World Series.

The rich got richer during the 1990s. Two Davenport leagues, Northwest and Emies, won their fourth championships during the 1990s. No other Iowa league has won as many titles; five leagues have won three crowns. Grandview, Marshalltown National, and Beaverdale are three of the five, and each pocketed their third state tourney win during the decade.

Davenport North, Mahaska County National, and Fairfield -- all first-time winners -- closed the decade by winning their first state titles.

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State Champions of the 1990s

1999 - Fairfield
1998 - Mahaska County National (Oskaloosa)
1997 - Davenport North
1996 - Marshalltown National
1995 - Marshalltown National
1994 - Davenport Northwest
1993 - Beaverdale American (Des Moines)
1992 - Davenport Emies
1991 - Grandview (Des Moines)
1990 - Indianola

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