2002 Indiana State Little League® Tournament Results

Indiana State Tournament

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Indiana State Tournament
Host - South Bend East Side (District 11)

Tournament Schedule/Results:

Pool 'A' Participants
Section 1 Champions
Section 6 Champions
Section 7 Champions
District 14 Champions

Brownsburg (District 8)
Seymour (District 12)
West Terre Haute (District 4)

Pool 'B' Participants
Section 2 Champions
Section 4 Champions
Section 5 Champions
District 11 Champions

Munster American (District 2)
Georgetown National (Fort Wayne) (District 10)
New Castle (District 6)
South Bend Southeast

NOTE: Because the state tournament was hosted by a league in Section 3, both districts in Section 3 advanced their champions directly to the state tournament without competing in sectional round games.

The eight state tournament qualifiers were divided into two separate four-team draws. After round-robin pool competition, the top two teams in each pool advanced to single-elimination semifinal and championship round games.

Tournament Results:

Day 1 (Friday, July 26):
Warsaw 3, Brownsburg 1
New Castle 8, Munster American 4
Seymour 5, West Terre Haute 3

Day 2 (Saturday, July 27):
Georgetown National 2, South Bend Southeast 0
West Terre Haute 9, Warsaw 2
Seymour 4, Brownsburg 1

Day 3 (Sunday, July 28):
South Bend Southeast 3, New Castle 1
Georgetown National 5, Munster American 4
Seymour 8, Warsaw 1
Brownsburg 9, West Terre Haute 2

Day 4 (Monday, July 29):
New Castle 1, Georgetown National 0
Munster American 8, South Bend Southeast 7

Pool 'A' Standings


Seymour 3 0 5
Brownsburg 1 2 9
West Terre Haute 1 2 16
Warsaw 1 2 18

Pool 'B' Standings


New Castle 2 1 7
Georgetown National 2 1 5
Munster American 1 2 20
South Bend Southeast 1 2 11

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. In the event of a three-way tie, the tie is broken based on fewest runs allowed per defensive inning played.

Semifinal Round (Tuesday, July 30):

Georgetown National 3, Seymour 2 (8 innings)
Brownsburg 5, New Castle 1

Indiana State Championship Game (Tuesday, July 30):

Brownsburg 10, Georgetown National 4 (TITLE)


Two rounds into the 2002 Indiana state championship tournament, the situation looked bleak for the Brownsburg Little League all-star team. Brownsburg dropped pool games to Warsaw and Seymour, and after a three-year run as Indiana state champions, seemed destined for a quick exit from the tournament.

Then Randy Green gave the Bulldogs one more day. Green struck out ten and hit a pair of two-run homers to lead Brownsburg past West Terre Haute 9-2 in their final pool game. The win kept the door cracked open ever so slightly for Brownsburg. It was all they'd need.

Despite its 1-2 record, Brownsburg slipped into the semifinal round on a tiebreaker. Two days later, the Bulldogs defeated New Castle 5-1 and overpowered Fort Wayne's Georgetown National Little League 10-4 in the championship game to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive state title.

Among states with more than ten districts, no other U.S. Little League program has ever won four consecutive major baseball state championships.

"They started out playing a little timid and expecting to '10-run rule' some teams," explained Brownsburg manager Rick Green of his team. "But they found out all the teams here are good. I shook things up a little bit Sunday (against Terre Haute), and it worked.

"The worst thing they (other teams) could do was let us stick around for this tournament."

By sticking around, Brownsburg was able to heat up its offense. After scrounging for only one run in each of its two losses, Brownsburg scored 24 and pounded seven home runs over the course of their next three games. Randy Green's explosion, supplemented by a three-run homer from Tucker Barnhardt, helped give Brownsburg a comfortable edge over Warsaw and West Terre Haute in the runs per defensive inning tiebreaking formula used by Little League Baseball to break three-way ties. Seymour had breezed through the pool with an undefeated record.

The Bulldogs continued the power show in the semifinal round. New Castle took an early 1-0 lead, but Kurtis Drake and Devin Wentz both hit two-run homers in the third inning, and Drake kept New Castle off the scoreboard the rest of the way in a complete game effort as Brownsburg ousted the District 6 champions 5-1.

Georgetown National rallied past Seymour in the other semifinal, tying the game in the bottom of the sixth and then winning it 3-2 on a sacrifice fly in the eighth.

Randy Green then reprised his earlier performance, earning the victory on the mound while drilling a grand slam and a two-run homer as Brownsburg beat Georgetown National in the championship game.

"The grand slam really gave us some breathing room," said Rick Green of his son's fourth-inning homer. "He just crushed the ball to dead center field."

Brownsburg rallied from 1-0 deficits in both the semifinal and championship games.

"The thing that has impressed me about these boys something fierce is that they didn't give up on themselves," said Rick Green. "They kept their heads in it and they scratched and clawed.

"Of the four teams that have represented Brownsburg at (the) Central Region tournament, this team has the most heart. I've been around those other three teams. One to twelve we're not as talented as those other groups are and I'd be the first one to admit that. But these kids have no fear and have huge hearts. And that's what got these kids here."

Brownsburg, which won the Great Lakes Region championship in 2001 to reach the Little League World Series for the second time in three years, returned to the region championship game following their state tournament victory. The Bulldogs finished as the region runner-up after falling to eventual World Series champion Valley Sports American Little League (Louisville, Kentucky) by an 8-1 score.

Follow Brownsburg at the Great Lakes Region Tournament -- Click here to view results.

2002 Indiana District Champions and Sectional Tournament Results:

District Champions
in Section 1
District Champions
in Section 2
D3 - West Lafayette
D8 - Brownsburg

Section 1 Tournament
Host - Monticello (District 3)

Tournament Results:
1 - Brownsburg 2, West Lafayette 1
2 - Brownsburg 10, West Lafayette 1

D1 - Michigan City National
D2 - Munster American

Section 2 Tournament
Host - East Chicago Civic (District 1)

Tournament Results:
1 - Munster American 10, Michigan City National 1
2 - Michigan City National 5, Munster American 3
3 - Munster American 6, Michigan City National 3 (TITLE)

District Champions
in Section 3
District Champions
in Section 4
D11 - South Bend Southeast
D14 - Warsaw

Section 3 Tournament

Because the state tournament was hosted by a league in Section 3, both Section 3 district champions advanced directly to the state tournament. No Section 3 tournament was played.

D9 - Wabash
D10 - Georgetown National (Fort Wayne)

Section 4 Tournament
Host - Bunker Hill (District 9)

Tournament Results:
1 - Wabash 4, Georgetown National 3
2 - Georgetown National 3, Wabash 1
3 - Georgetown National 8, Wabash 4 (TITLE)

District Champions
in Section 5
District Champions
in Section 6
D6 - New Castle
D7 - Decatur Township

Section 5 Tournament

Tournament Results:
1 - New Castle 9, Decatur Township 7
2 - New Castle 3, Decatur Township 1 (8 innings; TITLE)

D5 - New Albany Township
D12 - Seymour

Section 6 Tournament
Host - Center Grove (District 12)

Tournament Results:
1 - Seymour 3, New Albany Township 0
2 - New Albany Township 3, Seymour 2
3 - Seymour 1, New Albany Township 0 (TITLE)

District Champions
in Section 7
D4 - West Terre Haute
D13 - Haubstadt

Section 7 Tournament
Host - Ireland (District 13)

Tournament Results:
1 - West Terre Haute 3, Haubstadt 2 (7 innings)
2 - Haubstadt 5, West Terre Haute 2
3 - West Terre Haute 5, Haubstadt 0 (TITLE)

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