2014 Georgia State Little League® Tournament Results
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Georgia State Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Georgia State Tournament
Host - Warner Robins American (District 5)

Pool 'A' Participants
District 1 Champions Cartersville
District 4 Champions Peachtree City National
District 8 Champions Columbus Northern
District 10 Champions Newton County American (Covington)

Pool 'B' Participants
District 2 Champions Murphey Candler Blue (Dunwoody)
District 5 Champions Warner Robins American West
District 6 Champions Martinez-Evans American
District 7 Champions Franklin County (Royston)

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Tournament Results:

Pool 'A' Tournament

Day 1 (Saturday, July 19):
Columbus Northern 6, Cartersville 3
Peachtree City National 14, Newton County American 6

Day 2 (Sunday, July 20):
Columbus Northern 8, Newton County American 3
Peachtree City National 12, Cartersville 0

Day 3 (Monday, July 21):
Peachtree City National 21, Columbus Northern 17
Newton County American 7, Cartersville 6

Pool 'B' Tournament

Day 1 (Saturday, July 19):
Warner Robins American West 15, Murphey Candler Blue 7
Martinez-Evans American 2, Franklin County 0

Day 2 (Sunday, July 20):
Warner Robins American West 12, Franklin County 1
Martinez-Evans American 12, Murphey Candler Blue 9

Day 3 (Monday, July 21):
Martinez-Evans American 9, Warner Robins American West 1
Franklin County 3, Murphey Candler Blue 2

Pool 'A' Standings



Peachtree City National 3 0 23
Columbus Northern 2 1 27
Newton County American 1 2 28
Cartersville 0 3 25

Pool 'B' Standings



Martinez-Evans American 3 0 10
Warner Robins American West 2 1 17
Franklin County 1 2 16
Murphey Candler Blue 0 3 30

The top two teams in each pool advance to the semifinal round.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. If a clear winner cannot be determined from head-to-head results, the tie is broken by calculating the ratio of runs allowed to defensive innings played for all teams involved in the tie. The team with the lowest runs-per-defensive-inning ratio advances.

In the event of a tie involving three or more teams, once the initial tie is broken, the remaining tied teams are again compared on head-to-head record to determine if a clear winner can be identified. If no clear winner can be identified from head-to-head results among the remaining tied teams, the runs-per-defensive-inning ratio is again used. This process is repeated until all ties have been broken.

Semifinal Round (Tuesday, July 22)

Peachtree City National 5, Warner Robins American West 4
Columbus Northern 10, Martinez-Evans American 0 (5 innings)

Georgia State Championship Game (Wednesday, July 23)

Columbus Northern 6, Peachtree City National 0 (forfeit; TITLE)

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