2004 Florida State Little League® Tournament Results
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Florida State Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Florida State Tournament
Host - DeLand (District 19)
At Bill Page Field and Roger Gilmore Field
Championship Game at Bill Page Field

North Florida Bracket Participants
Section 1 Champions Destin (District 1)
Section 3 Champions Cocoa (District 22)
Section 5 Champions East Orange (District 24)
Section 7 Champions Tampa Bay (District 6)

South Florida Bracket Participants
Section 2 Champions West Boynton Beach (District 7)
Section 4 Champions Land O' Lakes National (District 25)
Section 6 Champions Manatee East (Bradenton) (District 16)
Section 8 Champions North Springs (Coral Springs) (District 10)

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Tournament Results:

North Florida Bracket:

Round 1 (Saturday, July 24):
Cocoa 3, Destin 1 (7 innings)
East Orange 11, Tampa Bay 8

Round 2 (Sunday, July 25):
East Orange 10, Destin 0 (4 innings)
Tampa Bay 9, Cocoa 4

Round 3 (Monday, July 26):
Destin 7, Tampa Bay 4
Cocoa 12, East Orange 10

South Florida Bracket:

Round 1 (Saturday, July 24):
West Boynton Beach 3, Land O' Lakes National 2 (8 innings)
North Springs 4, Manatee East 1

Round 2 (Sunday, July 25):
North Springs 4, West Boynton Beach 3
Land O' Lakes National 6, Manatee East 4

Round 3 (Monday, July 26):
West Boynton Beach 20, Manatee East 12
North Springs 2, Land O' Lakes National 0

North Florida Bracket Standings



Cocoa 2 1 20
East Orange 2 1 20
Destin 1 2 17
Tampa Bay 1 2 22

South Florida Bracket Standings



North Springs 3 0 4
West Boynton Beach 2 1 18
Land O' Lakes National 1 2 9
Manatee East 0 3 30

The winner in each pool advances to the state championship game.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. If a clear winner cannot be determined from head-to-head results, the tie is broken by calculating the ratio of runs allowed to defensive innings played for all teams involved in the tie. The team with the lowest runs-per-defensive-inning ratio advances.

In the event of a tie involving three or more teams, once the initial tie is broken, the remaining tied teams are again compared on head-to-head record to determine if a clear winner can be identified. If no clear winner can be identified from head-to-head results among the remaining tied teams, the runs-per-defensive-inning ratio is again used. This process is repeated until all ties have been broken.

Florida State Championship Game (Wednesday, July 28)

Cocoa 10, North Springs 2 (TITLE)


When heavy rains rendered DeLand Little League's Bill Page Field unplayable in the hours before the scheduled start of the Florida state championship game between Cocoa and North Springs Little Leagues, the two Florida finalists had to wait an extra day to determine the state champion.

The delay was perhaps unnecessary -- the field wasn't getting much use when Cocoa's hitters stepped to the plate.

Cocoa slammed five home runs and defeated North Springs 10-2 to win the league's first-ever state championship in the major baseball division.

With the win, Cocoa advanced to the Southeastern Region tournament in Gulfport, Florida.

"They just have an incredible hitting ball club," said North Springs manager Mike Burzesi of Cocoa's lineup. "We knew going into the game that if we didn't keep the ball in the park, we would be in trouble."

The trouble began almost immediately for North Springs, when Cocoa leadoff hitter Eric Zarm sent the game's second pitch onto Amelia Avenue well beyond the left field fence.

Zarm added a second homer, also onto Amelia Avenue, in the third inning before being intentionally walked in his final two plate appearances. Tyler Anderson launched a two-run homer later in the third, and Jay Maxner and Tyler Gordon added two-run shots of their own in the fourth and fifth innings.

"They just keep pounding," said Burzesi.

"We had no errors; they just hit extremely well," he added.

The offensive fireworks made things easy for Anderson. The Cocoa pitcher threw a walk-free complete game, scattering seven hits and striking out five batters.

Daniel Agostinelli and Jimmie Cooper provided the North Springs offense with solo home runs in the fifth inning.

"It's overwhelming," said Cocoa President Harry White after the championship game. "Cocoa Little League has worked extremely hard in the last six years to get where we're going."

Cocoa reached the semifinals of the 2003 Florida state tournament before falling 3-2 to eventual U.S. champion East Boynton Beach Little League. The Space Coast-based league won the Florida state championship in the 9-10 year old division in 2001 and 2003.

Cocoa split its first two games in the North Florida bracket of the 2004 state tournament, and needed a win in its final pool matchup to claim the North Florida berth in the state title game. The District 22 champions drilled fourteen hits and defeated East Orange Little League 12-10 to claim the pool championship. Anderson homered twice, including a grand slam, while Donnie Andrews and Maxner also homered for Cocoa. Zarm threw a complete game and struck out nine batters in the win.

Earlier in the tournament, Cocoa edged Destin Little League 3-1 in seven innings before falling 9-4 to Tampa Bay Little League. John Arnold hit a three-run homer for Tampa Bay in the win.

North Springs emerged as the South Florida champion, sweeping three opponents and allowing only four runs in pool competition. Cullen Montgomery allowed only three baserunners and A.J. Bergman delivered a two-run single to lead North Springs over Manatee East Little League 4-1 in their pool opener, and North Springs rallied for two runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to edge West Boynton Beach Little League 4-3 in their second-round game. West Boynton Beach erased a 2-0 North Springs lead by scoring three runs in the top of the sixth inning, but Montgomery's RBI single tied the game, and special pinch runner Brandon Blair later scored the winning run on an overthrow following Greg Povlow's base hit.

"This was a real test of their heart and desire to overcome adversity," said Burzesi. "They fought back, never gave up and now they have a chance to accomplish something big."

North Springs still needed a win in its final pool game, and Steven Garitty's three-hitter lifted the Broward County league to a 2-0 win over Land 'O Lakes National Little League in their final pool outing. Two days later, Cocoa's power show proved to be too much as North Springs finished as the Florida runner-up for the second time in five years.

"The kids are disappointed, but it was a great experience and one they'll remember for a long time," said Burzesi. "This team was among the top two in Florida, and that's quite an accomplishment."

Cocoa, meanwhile, packed its bags for the Gulf Coast, hoping its experience was just beginning.

"It's a great feeling for the kids," said White.

Cocoa reached the semifinal round of the Southeastern Region tournament before falling to eventual region champion and U.S. semifinalist Morganton (North Carolina) Little League by a 7-0 score.

Follow Cocoa at the Southeastern Region Tournament -- Click here to view results.


  Championship Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 R H E
Cocoa 1 0 3 2 2 2 10 8 -
North Springs 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 7 -

2004 Florida District Champions and Sectional Tournament Results:

District Champions in Section 1 District Champions in Section 2
D1 - Destin
D20 - Woodville

Section 1 Tournament
Host - Freeport (District 1)

Tournament Results:
1 - Destin 2, Woodville 0
2 - Destin 4, Woodville 3 (7 innings)

D2 - South Beaches (Melbourne Beach)
D7 - West Boynton Beach
D17 - Martin County North (Stuart)

Section 2 Tournament
Host - Martin County North (Stuart) (District 17)
At Sailfish Park

The Section 2 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Results:
1 - West Boynton Beach 10, South Beaches 0 (4 innings)
2 - Martin County North 14, South Beaches 4 (4 innings)
3 - West Boynton Beach 2, Martin County North 1



West Boynton Beach 2 0
Martin County North 1 1
South Beaches 0 2

West Boynton Beach wins the Section 2 tournament with a 2-0 record and advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 3 District Champions in Section 4
D11 - Navy Ortega Lakeshore (Jacksonville)
D19 - Eustis
D22 - Cocoa

Section 3 Tournament
Host - Port St. John (District 22)

The Section 3 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Schedule/Results:
1 - Cocoa 10, Eustis 0 (5 innings)
2 - Cocoa 12, Navy Ortega Lakeshore 1
3 - Navy Ortega Lakeshore 7, Eustis 1



Cocoa 2 0
Navy Ortega Lakeshore 1 1
Eustis 0 2

Cocoa wins the Section 3 tournament with a 2-0 record and advances to the state tournament.

D4 - North Lakeland
D13 - East Bay (Riverview)
D25 - Land O'Lakes National

Section 4 Tournament
Host - Plant City (District 4)

Tournament Results:
1 - Land O'Lakes National 1, East Bay 0
2 - Land O'Lakes National 6, North Lakeland 0
3 - North Lakeland 10, East Bay 7 (elim.)
4 - North Lakeland 1, Land O'Lakes National 0
5 - Land O'Lakes National 6, North Lakeland 5 (TITLE)

District Champions in Section 5 District Champions in Section 6
D3 - St. Cloud National
D14 - South Lake National (Clermont)
D23 - Apopka National
D24 - East Orange

Section 5 Tournament
Host - Windermere (District 14)
At George Bailey Park

The Section 5 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Schedule/Results:
1 - South Lake National 11, St. Cloud National 6
2 - East Orange 3, Apopka National 0
3 - East Orange 12, St. Cloud National 2 (4 innings)
4 - South Lake National 2, Apopka National 1
5 - Apopka National 11, St. Cloud National 1 (5 innings)
6 - East Orange 6, South Lake National 2



East Orange 3 0
South Lake National 2 1
Apopka National 1 2
St. Cloud National 0 3

East Orange wins the Section 5 tournament with a 3-0 record and advances to the state tournament.

D9 - Cape Coral American North
D16 - Manatee East (Bradenton)
D18 - North Naples

Section 6 Tournament
Host - San Carlos/South Fort Myers (District 18)

The Section 6 tournament is using a round-robin format.

Tournament Results:

1 - North Naples 12, Cape Coral American North 3
2 - Manatee East 7, Cape Coral American North 3
3 - Manatee East 3, North Naples 2



Manatee East 2 0
North Naples 1 1
Cape Coral American North 0 2

Manatee East wins the Section 6 tournament with a 2-0 record and advances to the state tournament.

District Champions in Section 7 District Champions in Section 8
D5 - Pinellas Park National
D6 - Tampa Bay
D12 - East Lake (Tarpon Springs)
D15 - Ocala Highlands

Section 7 Tournament
Host - Cross Bayou (Largo) (District 5)

Tournament Results:
1 - Tampa Bay 2, Ocala Highlands 1
2 - Pinellas Park National 2, East Lake 0
3 - Ocala Highlands 10, East Lake 0 (5 innings; elim.)
4 - Tampa Bay 5, Pinellas Park National 0
5 - Ocala Highlands 8, Pinellas Park National 6 (elim.)
6 - Tampa Bay 3, Ocala Highlands 1 (TITLE)

D8 - North Miami National
D10 - North Springs (Coral Springs)
D21 - Pembroke Pines

Section 8 Tournament
Host - North Miami National (District 8)
At Claude Pepper Park

Tournament Results:
1 - North Springs 18, North Miami National 6
2 - North Miami National 10, Pembroke Pines 2
3 - North Springs 1, Pembroke Pines 0



North Springs 2 0
North Miami National 1 1
Pembroke Pines 0 2

North Springs wins the Section 8 tournament with a 2-0 record and advances to the state tournament.

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