1996 Little League® Baseball East Region Tournament Historical Results

East Region Tournament

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East Region Tournament
Host - East Region Headquarters; Bristol, Connecticut
At Breen Field; Edgewood LL Complex

Participating Teams
Connecticut State Champions
Delaware State Champions
Maine State Champions
Maryland State Champions
Massachusetts State Champions
New Hampshire State Champions
New Jersey State Champions
New York State Champions
Pennsylvania State Champions
Rhode Island State Champions
Vermont State Champions
Washington, D.C.
West Roxbury
Millburn-Short Hills
Staten Island
Northern LL
Brandywine LL
Portland North LL
Capitol City LL
Parkway National LL
Manchester South LL
Millburn-Short Hills LL
South Shore Amer. LL
Franklin LL
Western LL
Essex Town LL

Tournament Results:

Winner's Bracket - Round 1:
Cranston Western (RI) 4, Millburn-Short Hills (NJ) 1
Essex Town (VT) 2, Portland North (ME) 1 (8 innings)
Southington Northern (CT) 7, Franklin (PA) 4

Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals:
West Roxbury Parkway National (MA) 10, Manchester South (NH) 0 (4 innings; 10-run rule)
Cranston Western (RI) 8, Wilmington Brandywine (DE) 3
Washington D.C. Capitol City (MD) 10, Essex Town (VT) 0
Staten Island South Shore American (NY) 7, Southington Northern (CT) 6

Loser's Bracket - Round 1 (11 teams remain):
Southington Northern (CT) 2, Millburn-Short Hills (NJ) 1 (elim.)
Franklin (PA) 8, Wilmington Brandywine (DE) 6 (elim.)
Portland North (ME) 9, Manchester South (NH) 3 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 2 (8 teams remain):
Franklin (PA) 4, Portland North (ME) 2 (elim.)
Southington Northern (CT) 10, Essex Town (VT) 0 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Cranston Western (RI) 7, West Roxbury Parkway National (MA) 1
Staten Island South Shore American (NY) 5, Washington D.C. Capitol City (MD) 4

Loser's Bracket - Round 3 (6 teams remain):
Franklin (PA) 6, Washington D.C. Capitol City (MD) 1 (elim.)
West Roxbury Parkway National (MA) 11, Southington Northern (CT) 0 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket Semifinals (4 teams remain):
Franklin (PA) 9, West Roxbury Parkway National (MA) 4 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
Cranston Western (RI) 2, Staten Island South Shore American (NY) 1 (9 innings)

Loser's Bracket Finals (3 teams remain):
Franklin (PA) 3, Staten Island South Shore American (NY) 1 (elim.)

Championship Series:
Franklin (PA) 9, Cranston Western (RI) 7
Cranston Western (RI) 4, Franklin (PA) 1 (7 innings; TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted soon.

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