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Delaware State Tournament Qualifiers

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Tournament champions are listed in bold.

Year District 1 District 2 District 3
2019 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark National Lower Sussex (Frankford)
2018 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark National Milton
2017 M-O-T (Middletown) Brandywine (Wilmington) Milton
2016 M-O-T (Middletown) Brandywine (Wilmington) Milton
2015 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark American Milton
2014 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark National Woodbridge
2013 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark National Millsboro
2012 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark National Lewes
2011 Dover Newark National Lower Sussex (Frankford)
2010 M-O-T (Middletown) Brandywine (Wilmington) Millsboro
2009 M-O-T (Middletown) Canal (Bear) Nanticoke (Seaford)
2008 M-O-T (Middletown) Naamans (Wilmington) Georgetown
2007 M-O-T (Middletown) Brandywine (Wilmington) Millsboro
2006 M-O-T (Middletown) Naamans (Wilmington) Nanticoke (Seaford)
2005 M-O-T (Middletown) Canal (Bear) Georgetown
2004 M-O-T (Middletown) Capitol (Wilmington) Millsboro
2003 M-O-T (Middletown) Naamans (Wilmington) Lower Sussex (Frankford)
2002 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark American Lower Sussex (Frankford)
2001 Camden-Wyoming Midway (Newark) Georgetown
2000 Milford Naamans (Wilmington) Lewes
1999 Dover Capitol (Wilmington) Nanticoke (Seaford)
1998 Milford Newark National Georgetown
1997 M-O-T (Middletown) Newark American Georgetown
1996 M-O-T (Middletown) Brandywine (Wilmington) Nanticoke (Seaford)
1995 Smyrna-Clayton Brandywine (Wilmington) Nanticoke (Seaford)
1994 Laurel Canal (Bear)
1993 Nanticoke (Seaford) Midway (Newark)
1992 Camden-Wyoming Newark National
1991 Dover Newark American
1990 Camden-Wyoming Newark American
1989 Dover Brandywine (Wilmington)
1988 Nanticoke (Seaford) Brandywine (Wilmington)
1987 Nanticoke (Seaford) Newark American
1986 Nanticoke (Seaford) Piedmont (Hockessin)
1985 Dover Newark American
1984 Nanticoke (Seaford) Newark National
1983 Millsboro Piedmont (Hockessin)
1982 Nanticoke (Seaford) Newark National
1981 Nanticoke (Seaford) Canal (Bear)
1980 Nanticoke (Seaford) Newark National
1979 Nanticoke (Seaford) Stanton-Newport
1978 M-O-T (Middletown) Naamans (Wilmington)
1977 Georgetown Brandywine (Wilmington)
1976 Lower Sussex (Frankford) Naamans (Wilmington)
1975 Lower Sussex (Frankford) Brandywine (Wilmington)
1974 Laurel Newark National
1973 Dover Newark American
1972 Lower Sussex (Frankford) Suburban (New Castle)
1971 Lower Sussex (Frankford) Suburban (New Castle)
1970 Georgetown Newark American
1969 Camden-Wyoming Wilmington Optimist
1968 Dover Newark American
1967 Georgetown Naamans (Wilmington)
1966 Georgetown Newark American
1965 M-O-T (Middletown) Wilmington Optimist
1964 Dover Naamans (Wilmington)
1963 M-O-T (Middletown) Capitol (Wilmington)
1962 Wilmington Optimist
1961 Wilmington Optimist
1960 Nanticoke (Seaford)
1959 Wilmington Optimist
1958 Wilmington Optimist
1957 Newark National

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