1997 Little League® Baseball Central Region Tournament Historical Results

Central Region Tournament

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Central Region Tournament
Host - Central Region Headquarters; Indianapolis, Indiana
At Stokely Field; Mitthoeffer Complex

American Div. Participants
Illinois State Champions
Indiana State Champions
Iowa State Champions
Kansas State Champions
Minnesota State Champions
Nebraska State Champions
Baxter Springs
American LL
Dyer LL
Davenport North LL
Baxter Springs LL
Little Lakes South LL
Keystone American LL
National Div. Participants
Dakotas Champion
Michigan State Champions
Missouri State Champions
Ohio State Champions
Oklahoma State Champions
Wisconsin State Champions
Rapid City
Festus-Crystal City
Timberline LL
Clare LL
Twin Cities LL
Poland Community LL
Cherokee County National LL
Lions LL

NOTE: The Central Region Tournament was organized into two separate six-team draws. After round-robin pool competition, the top team in each pool advanced to a winner-take-all championship game.

Tournament Results:

Day 1 (August 8):
Baxter Springs (KS) 5, Shoreview Little Lakes South (MN) 2
Tahlequah Cherokee County National (OK) 4, Rapid City Timberline (SD) 3
Naperville American (IL) 15, Omaha Keystone American (NE) 3
Poland Community (OH) 7, Appleton Lions (WI) 6
Dyer (IN) 2, Davenport North (IA) 0

Day 2 (August 9):
Poland Community (OH) 3, Clare (MI) 0
Dyer (IN) 7, Omaha Keystone American (NE) 1
Rapid City Timberline (SD) 3, Appleton Lions (WI) 2
Shoreview Little Lakes South (MN) 8, Davenport North (IA) 3
Festus-Crystal City Twin City (MO) 6, Tahlequah Cherokee County National (OK) 3

Day 3 (August 10):
Baxter Springs (KS) 8, Davenport North (IA) 7
Naperville American (IL) 6, Dyer (IN) 1
Rapid City Timberline (SD) 6, Festus-Crystal City Twin City (MO) 5
Clare (MI) 5, Appleton Lions (WI) 4

Day 4 (August 11):
Festus-Crystal City Twin City (MO) 3, Poland Community (OH) 2
Clare (MI) 12, Tahlequah Cherokee County National (OK) 2
Baxter Springs (KS) 4, Omaha Keystone American (NE) 1
Naperville American (IL) 5, Shoreview Little Lakes South (MN) 3

Day 5 (August 12):
Davenport North (IA) 10, Omaha Keystone American (NE) 4
Tahlequah Cherokee County National (OK) 8, Appleton Lions (WI) 2
Dyer (IN) 7, Shoreview Little Lakes South (MN) 2
Poland Community (OH) 6, Rapid City Timberline (SD) 4 (rain shortened)

Day 6 (August 13):
Clare (MI) 6, Festus-Crystal City Twin City (MO) 2
Baxter Springs (KS) 5, Naperville American (IL) 3
Poland Community (OH) 3, Tahlequah Cherokee County National (OK) 1
Shoreview Little Lakes South (MN) 3, Omaha Keystone American (NE) 1

Day 7 (August 14):
Appleton Lions (WI) 3, Festus-Crystal City Twin City (MO) 2
Naperville American (IL) 6, Davenport North (IA) 0
Clare (MI) 2, Rapid City Timberline (SD) 1
Dyer (IN) 14, Baxter Springs (KS) 0

Final American Division Standings


Dyer (IN)419
Baxter Springs (KS)41 27
Naperville American (IL)41 12
Shoreview Little Lakes South (MN)23 21
Davenport North (IA)14 28
Omaha Keystone American (NE)05 39

Final National Division Standings


Poland Community (OH)4114
Clare (MI)41 12
Rapid City Timberline (SD)23 19
Festus-Crystal City Twin Cities (MO)23 20
Tahlequah Cherokee County National (OK)23 26
Appleton Lions (WI)14 25

Dyer advances to the championship game on the first three-way tiebreaking criteria (fewest runs allowed per defensive inning played).

Poland Community advances to the championship game on the first two-way tiebreaking criteria (head-to-head competition).

Baxter Springs advances to the consolation game on the first two-way tiebreaking criteria (head-to-head competition). Once Dyer advanced to the championship game using the three-way tiebreaking criteria, officials reverted to the two-way tiebreaking criteria to break the tie between the remaining two teams (Baxter Springs and Naperville American).

Consolation result

Baxter Springs (KS) d. Clare (MI)

Central Region Tournament Championship Game result

Dyer (IN) 3, Poland Community (OH) 2 (TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted at a later date.

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