1991 Little League® Baseball Central Region Tournament Historical Results

Central Region Tournament

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Central Region Tournament
Host - Central Region Headquarters; Indianapolis, Indiana
At Stokely Field; Mitthoeffer Complex

Participating Teams
Dakotas Champions
Illinois State Champions
Indiana State Champions
Iowa State Champions
Kansas State Champions
Michigan State Champions
Minnesota State Champions
Missouri State Champions
Nebraska State Champions
Ohio State Champions
Oklahoma State Champions
Wisconsin State Champions
Rapid City
Downers Grove
Fort Wayne
Des Moines
Baxter Springs
Coon Rapids
Festus-Crystal City
Grand Island
Timberline LL
Downers Grove North LL
Time Corners National LL
Grandview LL
Baxter Springs LL
Columbia LL
American LL
Twin City LL
American LL
West Side American LL
Grove LL
Lions LL

Tournament Results:

Winner's Bracket - Round 1:
Grove (OK) 5, Des Moines Grandview (IA) 4
Coon Rapids American (MN) 4, Baxter Springs (KS) 0
Festus-Crystal City Twin City (MO) 5, Rapid City Timberline (SD) 4
Brooklyn Columbia (MI) 2, Fort Wayne Time Corners National (IN) 1

Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals:
Grove (OK) 7, Grand Island American (NE) 0
Coon Rapids American (MN) 4, Downers Grove North (IL) 3
Hamilton West Side American (OH) 11, Festus-Crystal City Twin City 0
Brooklyn Columbia (MI) 7, Appleton Lions (WI) 0

Loser's Bracket - Round 1 (twelve teams remain):
Rapid City Timberline 5, Grand Island American (NE) 1 (elim.)
Downers Grove North (IL) 7, Fort Wayne Time Corners National (IN) 6 (elim.)
Des Moines Grandview (IA) 11, Festus-Crystal City Twin City 1 (elim.)
Appleton Lions (WI) 1, Baxter Springs (KS) 0 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 2 (eight teams remain):
Downers Grove North (IL) 13, Rapid City Timberline (SD) 3 (elim.)
Des Moines Grandview (IA) 3, Appleton Lions (WI) 2 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Coon Rapids American (MN) 8, Grove (OK) 2
Hamilton West Side American (OH) 5, Brooklyn Columbia (MI) 3

Loser's Bracket - Round 3 (six teams remain):
Brooklyn Columbia (MI) d. Downers Grove North (IL) (elim.)
Des Moines Grandview (IA) 6, Grove (OK) 0 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket Semifinals (four teams remain):
Des Moines Grandview (IA) d. Brooklyn Columbia (MI) (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
Hamilton West Side American (OH) 4, Coon Rapids American (MN) 2

Loser's Bracket Finals (three teams remain):
Coon Rapids American (MN) 14, Des Moines Grandview (IA) 2 (elim.)

Championship Series:
Coon Rapids American (MN) 6, Hamilton West Side American (OH) 5
Hamilton West Side American (OH) 2, Coon Rapids American (MN) 1 (TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted at a later date.

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