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Region Tournament Championship Game Results

Little League Baseball formed the Southwestern Region in 2002. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas (both Texas East and Texas West) previously competed in the Southern (1957-2000) and Gulf States (2001) regions. Colorado and New Mexico were moved from the Western Region, where they competed in the Northwest and West Regions.

Southern and Gulf States Region tournament championship game scores appear below. Results from prior Northwest and Western Region tournaments can be found on the Unpage sites for those regions.

Southwestern Region Tournament (2002-Present)

Year Result
2021Lafayette (Louisiana) 6, Wylie (Abilene, Texas West) 2
2020International tournament not held due to Covid-19 pandemic
2019Eastbank (River Ridge, Louisiana) 6, Midland Northern (Texas West) 2
2018Post Oak (Houston, Texas East) 8, Tulsa National (Oklahoma) 0
2017Lufkin (Texas East) 2, McAllister Park National (Texas West) 1
2016McAllister Park American (Texas West) 13, Eastdale (New Mexico) 3 (6 innings)
2015Pearland West (Texas East) 9, North Boulder (Colorado) 2
2014Pearland East (Texas East) 7, South Lake Charles (Louisiana) 3
2013Universal (Corpus Christi, Texas West) 6, Fairacres (Las Cruces, New Mexico) 0
2012McAllister Park National (San Antonio, Texas West) 9, Lufkin (Texas East) 0
2011Lafayette (Louisiana) 8, Pearland Maroon (Texas East) 7 (7 innings)
2010Pearland White (Texas East) 5, Eagle Pass American (Texas West) 3
2009McAllister Park American (San Antonio, Texas West) 6, Bridge City (Texas East) 4
2008South Lake Charles (Louisiana) 8, Lamar American (Richmond, Texas East) 7 (7 innings)
2007Lubbock Western (Texas West) 6, Roswell Noon Optimist (New Mexico) 0
2006South Lake Charles (Louisiana) 1, D'Iberville (Mississippi) 0
2005Lafayette (Louisiana) 4, Bryant Athletic (Arkansas) 1
2004Lamar National (Richmond, Texas East) 3, Bryant Athletic (Arkansas) 2 (7 innings)
2003Lamar National (Richmond, Texas East) 5, Bryant Athletic (Arkansas) 3
2002Fort Worth Westside (Texas West) 2, First Colony American (Sugar Land, Texas East) 0

Gulf States Region Tournament (2001)

Year Result
2001South Lake Charles (Louisiana) 6, ORWALL American (The Woodlands, Texas) 5 (7 innings)

Southern Region Tournament (1957-2000)

Year Result
2000Bellaire (Texas) 10, Barboursville (West Virginia) 0 (5 innings)
1999Phenix City National (Alabama) 3, Kernersville (North Carolina) 2
1998Greenville Tar Heel (Greenville, North Carolina) 6, Morristown American (Tennessee) 0 (4 innings; lightning)
1997Manatee East (Bradenton, Florida) 3, College Station National (Texas) 2 (10 innings)
1996R.L. Turner (Panama City, Florida) 7, Greenville Tar Heel (Greenville, North Carolina) 1
1995Northwest 45 National (Spring, Texas) 3, Mint Hill (North Carolina) 0
1994Central Springfield (Virginia) 8, Northside (Tampa, Florida) 3
1993Tuckahoe American (Henrico, Virginia) 6, Sandy Plains (Georgia) 1
1992South Lake Charles (Louisiana) 8, Sagemont-Beverly Hills (Houston, Texas) 1
1991Dunedin National (Florida) 6, Mid-City (Lake Charles, Louisiana) 3
1990Cottage Hill (Mobile, Alabama) 3, Dunedin American (Florida) 2 (7 innings)
1989Northside (Tampa, Florida) 8, Northwood (Taylors, South Carolina) 4
1988Northwest 45 (Spring, Texas) 3, Jeffersontown (Kentucky) 0
1987Morristown American (Tennessee) 8, Sarasota National (Florida) 7 (7 innings)
1986Sarasota American (Florida) 16, Columbus Eastern (Georgia) 3
1985Morristown American (Tennessee) 2, Sarasota American (Florida) 1
1984Altamonte Springs National (Florida) 19, Huntsville Northern (Alabama) 6
1983East Marietta National (Georgia) 5, Vienna American (Virginia) 4
1982Sarasota National (Florida) 12, South Lexington (Kentucky) 2
1981Belmont Heights (Tampa, Florida) 6, Southwest Forsyth (Clemmons, North Carolina) 0
1980Belmont Heights (Tampa, Florida) 2, Clarksville National (Tennessee) 0
1979Burns Park (North Little Rock, Arkansas) 3, Mid-City (Lake Charles, Louisiana) 1
1978South Lexington (Kentucky) 5, Lake Jackson National (Texas) 1
1977Hub City (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) 1, Belmont Heights (Tampa, Florida) 0
1976Tuckahoe National (Henrico, Virginia) 12, Johnson City National (Tennessee) 6
1975Belmont Heights (Tampa, Florida) 4, Mint Hill (North Carolina) 3
1974Jackson American (Tennessee) 1, LaGrange (Texas) 0
1973Belmont Heights (Tampa, Florida) 7, Anderson (South Carolina) 3
1972Vienna National (Virginia) 4, Owensboro Southern (Kentucky) 0
1971Gardenside (Lexington, Kentucky) 2, Shaw Air Force Base (Sumter, South Carolina) 0
1970Nashville National Optimist (Tennessee) 7, East Marietta National (Georgia) 3
1969West Tampa (Florida) 1, Charleston Eastern (West Virginia) 0 (7 innings)
1968Tuckahoe National (Henrico, Virginia) 3, Donelson National (Hermitage, Tennessee) 0
1967West Tampa (Florida) 3, St. Albans Eastern (West Virginia) 0
1966Westbury American (Houston, Texas) 3, Annandale National (Virginia) 0
1965Waco Northern (Texas) 4, Glenwood Hills American (Decatur, Georgia) 2
1964Brookly (Mobile, Alabama) 13, Edgewood American (Houston, Texas) 1
1963North Houston National (Texas) 6, Ashland American (Kentucky) 3
1962Val Verde County (Del Rio, Texas) 3, Lake Charles (Louisiana) 0
1961El Campo (Texas) 3, C. Dilworth Rotary (Charlotte, North Carolina) 0
1960Northeast Optimists (Fort Worth, Texas) 5, Biloxi (Mississippi) 1
1959Gadsden National (Alabama) 5, Henderson National (Kentucky) 0
1958Gadsden National (Alabama) 7, Lynnhaven (Virginia) 0
1957Monterrey Industrial (Monterrey, Mexico) 3, Owensboro Eastern (Kentucky) 0

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