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New York State Tournament Milestones

The structure of Little League Baseball's international tournament in New York has changed several times since the first state tournament was held in 1957. Key events in the evolution of this structure include the following:

1948New York's first Little League program is formed in Corning. On July 19, Masons defeat Knights of Columbus, 3-1, in the first Little League Baseball game played in New York.

Just five weeks later, Corning Little League competes in the National Little League Tournament (the precursor to the Little League World Series) after receiving a special invitation from Little League Baseball founder and National Commissioner Carl Stotz.

1954One year after finishing as the runner-up, New York's Schenectady National Little League wins the Little League World Series.
1957Little League Baseball reorganizes its tournament structure, and the first New York state tournament is held. The state's leagues are divided into 22 districts, and following setional tournament competition, four teams advance to a single-elimination state tournament. Haverstraw Little League defeats Mechanicville-Stillwater Little League, 11-2, to win the first state tournament and advance to the Eastern Region tournament. Because of the number of leagues in the state, New York's champion has always advanced directly to region tournament play since this time, rather than first competing in divisional tournaments.
1958New York expands its number of districts to 32.
1959District 33 (Southern Queens) is formed as a split from District 24 (Northern Queens).
1964Mid-Island Little League from Staten Island wins the Little League World Series.
1965New York reorganizes its district boundaries in the New York City area and Long Island, and expands from 32 to 36 districts.
1968District 37 (Clinton, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, and Saint Lawrence Counties) is formed as a split from District 9.
1969District 38 (Rochester suburbs) is formed as a split from District 4. This district is later dissolved in the early 1970s.
1970The Eastern Region tournament is expanded to 12 teams. From 1970 through 1974, and then again from 1977 through 1984, the state hosting the Eastern Region tournament advances two teams to the region tournament. Under this practice, New York advances Upstate and Metro state champions to the regional in 1970, 1972, 1974, and from 1977-1986.

1996New York uses a double-elimination format at the state tournament for the first time.
2000District 33, which had been dissolved in the early 1970s, is formed as a split from District 20 in the early 2000s.
2001New York is assigned to the Mid-Atlantic Region as Little League Baseball expands the Little League World Series from eight to sixteen teams.
2006District 38 (Chautauqua County and portions of Cattaraugus County) is formed as a split from District 2.
2009New York expands its state tournament, reorganizing its districts into six sections and advancing six sectional champions to the state tournament.
2014District 26 (Northern Queens) is dissolved.
2015New York expands its state tournament from six to eight participants. State officials reorganize the state's districts into Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4, and then further sub-divide these sections so that eight teams advance to the state tournament: Section 1 East and West, Section 2 North and South, Section 3 North and South, and Section 4 East and West.
2016New York's Maine-Endwell Little League wins the Little League World Series.
2018District 25 (Brooklyn) is dissolved.
2021District 13 (Suburban Albany area) is dissolved.
2022New York is assigned to the Metro Region as Little League Baseball expands the Little League World Series from sixteen to twenty teams.

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