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Maine State Tournament Milestones

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The Maine state tournament series structure has changed several times since the first state tournament was held in the 1950s. Key events in the evolution of this structure include the following:

1957Maine leagues are divided into two districts. The two champions meet to determine Maine's representative in the New England Divisional Tournament, and the divisional winner advances to the Eastern Region tournament.
1958Maine officials re-draw the state's district boundaries and create a third district.
1961Maine officials create two new districts: District 4 covers York County, and District 5 encompasses Androscoggin, Kenebec, and Somerset Counties. The state tournament format is structured so that four leagues compete at the state tournament site, with some district champions advancing directly to the state tournament and others first playing bi-district qualifier games against other district champions. The bi-district qualifier structure remains in effect until the first double-elimination state tournament is held in 1987.
1969District 6 (Cumberland and Oxford Counties excluding the city of Portland) is formed as a spin-off from District 1 (Portland leagues).
1970The Maine state champions advance directly to the Eastern Region tournament when the region tournament format is expanded to include all Eastern Region state champions.

Additionally, District 7 (Far Northern Maine) is formed as a spin-off from District 3.

1974District 7 is dissolved, and its remaining leagues are reassigned to District 3.
1987Maine officials change the state tournament format to a double-elimination schedule. The tournament would use a single-elimination format again in 1988 and 1989 before permanently switching to the double-elimination schedule in 1990.
1988District 1 is dissolved, and its remaining leagues placed in District 6.
2001District 1 (Hancock and Washington Counties) is re-formed as a spin-off from District 3.

Additionally, Maine is assigned to the New England Region as part of Little League Baseball's expansion of the World Series from eight to sixteen participants.

2004Maine officials use a pool play schedule at the state tournament for the first time. The tournament has used either a pool or double elimination schedule in each year since this time.

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